Don’t make that mistake..

People ask us all the time ” So whats it like?” The “it” they are referring to is What’s life like in another culture, another world away. To tell you the truth it’ Taking kids to school, figuring out what to eat for dinner, washing clothes and paying bills. These things stay the same.

What has changed so much is our hearts. Our hearts for the least of these, the broken and the lost. Our hearts have come alive to what injustices are happening all over the world. The difference for us is we come face to face with it, these kids who have endured so much(things you and I don’t want to even discuss) and yet cling to hope in the midst. We learn all kinds of life lessons from them and I am so grateful.c558c81e0568cf3daee1e52caa0b63f2

We pray all the time that us living out our faith like this will inspire others to do the same. We also know that it takes a community of people coming around us to support, pray for and cry with to continue to do this ministry. It cannot happen with out generous hearts, God uses people..broken, ordinary people to bring Him glory..something I still cannot wrap my head around.

We are praying for monthly sponsors..those who can give $25-$100 a month to help us keep going in Thailand! Your gift, any gift a month makes such a HUGE difference for us. It’s a great mistake to think to yourself ” I can’t really help, I can only give them $25 a month” everyone giving a “little” adds up to us staying in Thailand making an impact on these kids!

We are needing to raise $850 more per month in monthly sponsors! If you are even wanting more info on how you can be apart of this drop us a line and we would love to share our hearts with you. We look forward to the coffee dates we get to share what Destiny Rescue is doing with these kids, and share our passion with you!

Ever Grateful,

The Platts

Don’t miss this!

Hello all!

Wanted to give you all a quick update! We are in full swing American living! With cool breezes, beef hotdogs, and hot baths! Yee haw! Its been a journey as we have realized culture shock goes both ways for sure! From remembering to buckle up when we go anywhere and remembering we must wear shoes in public its been a transition to say the least!

We have begun meeting with all our friends, family and our supporters! We are so grateful to all the people that support us monthly! Most everyone knows we are in America to raise funds for the kids to go to school next year, get more monthly supporters and get our visas and passports renewed! A few different events are coming up and we would be honored if you came!

Taste of Thai Night- Come and enjoy authentic Thai cuisine that are a few of our favorites while listening to amazing stories that God is doing within Destiny Rescue! Come see what our lives look like in Thailand!!There will be childcare available as the topics are not for little ears. This is a free event with a suggested donation of $5.00 per person to cover our costs.

Friday June 10th 6-8pm at The Crossing Church OR Monday June 13th 6-8pm at Nowthen Alliance Church. Same event different day! Please email us at if you are coming!

We will be speaking at a few churches and are looking for more events that we can speak at! Want us to come to your church? Let us know! We would love to!

We cannot do this without you guys, if your heart has been moved by this cause please contact us we would love to meet up with you!andgodsaidgo-black

Ever grateful,

The Platt Family

Have you Heard?!

Have you heard?!

We are thrilled. To say the least! We raised enough money to bring us back to the states! It was such an awesome experience to see God do it thru several people who believe in this cause, this mission, these kids. We arrive in the states May 25th!! We raised just enough to get a round trip, so we are praying that God will bring in the rest!! We still need to pay for school for all three boys for a year, passports and just the extra traveling expenses. Our monthly budget unfortunately has dropped significantly due to people not being able to support us because of circumstances in their lives, so every dollar that comes to us we are thankful for! In fact every time we get a notification that someone has donated I run to tell Sam and we both say aloud” Thank you JESUS”! We are well aware every day that we cannot be here without supporters like you that are willing to stand and say ” Yes I will do something!”  SO THANK YOU! Thank you for doing your part as we do ours.

5 weeks and we will see you all soon! We have some tasty fundraisers coming up so stay tuned!

If you would like to donate to our family you can do so right here on our blog by clicking the donate button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ever Grateful,

Love the Platts

Update! Update! Read all about it!


In just three short months we are believing that our entire family will be on a plane. In fact it just has to be we keep saying! We need to renew our Visas for a year, because they expire early June and so do our passports!

We wanted to update you all..we are finding the largest portion of our trip from Bangkok to LAX for around $750.00 per person! That is a pretty great price. We have about $1500.00 currently towards our tickets which means we need about $3000 to  buy just that part of our trip. This isn’t counting the other smaller lags of our journey or all the costs that it will take to go home. ie. Visas, passports, food, travel etc. Thank GOODNESS our Heavenly Father goes before us and is a good daddy!

Please pray with us that God will provide this money, please pray that we will not worry or stress..that we will remain in faith. If you feel lead to give towards us going home you can give by clicking the Donate button at the top.

Pray that these tickets do not go up! Thank you for standing in faith with us…We will continue to update you all as we go! Please share our blog with friends and family as well!

Ever Grateful, Samm & Angie

Hard calls and the grace to make them

imagesWhat happens when your child’s little heart is heavy about a choice that you as a parent ultimately made?

A choice that you believe was the right one because you know God led you there? What do you do as a parent? You cry. You wrestle with the thoughts and try not to be defeated by them. Where you know that them missing home is part of the sacrifice. It’s part of trusting God and laying down my life completely..which in doing so is allowing Him control over my kids life. THATS HARD. All of us have a choice to trust Him with our kids to a degree. We can decide to worry and fret over their lives or we can lay it down. Being here and hearing our youngest son be sad off and on, seeing that with all the blessings God has given us by being here there is ugly hard stuff as well.

Cyrus misses America still. He used to say ” I miss home” but now has said ” I miss America”. I thought that meant he is transitioning after a year and half that Thailand is his home now. Until last weekend when he had some serious behaviors coming out and we talked. We talked about his heart and how he misses friends and that he doesn’t have any here. I know that next year when he goes to school with his brothers his life will change immensely. I know that God has us here to fight sex trafficking, to love these kids, to help create a place where people are excited to serve. I know all of this…but still. I cried so hard and even now as I write this days later I tear up. Knowing something doesn’t make it always easy. I want to be transparent with people, people that see us and say how brave and strong we are. It’s not always truth. We have seen God in all of it, especially the hard stuff I would say. I keep coming back to the notion that I seek first the kingdom, the rest will come. So I pray hard that God alone will meet his little heart in Thailand, I pray that we will be more purposeful in creating friends for him. Ultimately I pray one day he will look at this time and miss it like crazy. Thank you for allowing us to share here with vulnrabilty and courage. We are so looking forward to connecting with each one of you in a few short months!  I bet you can guess how excited he is to go back to America  for a visit! We started a ” Summer bucket” list to get excited and planning to  go. His eyes lit up and was smiling the whole time.

Thankful that Jesus holds both our hearts at the same time and we praise Him thru the rain!


Ever Grateful,



Celebrating the WINS!

We are celebrating the WINS over here! The Valentines Fundraiser that happened last Friday was a success! We had some generous people and we raised around $700 that goes to buying our tickets! We are just under $2000 towards our tickets! We are praying that we can get round trip tickets from Thailand to Minnesota for $6000. We are seeing some GREAT deals and praying that God will move and we can buy our tickets ASAP. We are now looking to come home end of May or very beginning of June as the boys passports are expired early June and our Visas do as well! Any support that comes in past our monthly expenses will go directly to getting us home and getting us visas!

We want to thank each person who helped with this last fundraiser. We are HONORED that people are jumping on board left and right to help! Thank you to the people that have given to us getting home, it fills our hearts with joy and faith. He sees us and we know He will complete it and get us there. If you would like to donate you can do so right here on our website clicking our DONATE button. Thank you so much for helping in anyway you can.

Ever Grateful, The Platt Familydownload

You asked. We Answered.

Living in Asia is a little bit like being on a tilta-whirl…you seem like you have the hang of living in a foreign country that Bam! something else gets thrown at you and you feel like you are upside down again! Every week there are “curve balls” thrown at you and you have to be ready to duck or hit the ball. For example, we are helping to makeover the Team house(where all team trips stay) and we went to buy paint at the store and even with our little bit of Thai we ended up with the wrong primer. We needed white, they gave us…clear? They said its better to stick to concrete walls..yes but I need white primer so I don’t need to use five coats! They insisted this is what we needed. I insisted it’s not. Guess who ended up with 9 liters of clear primer?  Things like this happen all the time! We always try to let our readers feel what it’s like to live here. So we wanted to see what our readers were curious about so we asked them ” what do you want to know about life over here?” These are just some of the questions and our answers.

  1. What are the toilets like..squattie potties or sitty doonies? ( not sure on what a doonie is but it’s asked by our Scottish BOTH! You never know sometimes but usually the places won’t have toilet paper, so you bring your own or use the napkins provided for your meal or just drip dry. Tessa HATES the squatties. The other day we went to a festival and they had sheet metal walls for each squattie and she kept saying” mommy I need help my legs are tired(from squatting)” The kids will have great leg strength!
  2. Food Fails? Weird foods? Most of you know I am not an adventurous when it comes to food. At. All. However the kids have ate fried worms and crickets. They said they tasted like chips! Any market you go to there is all kinds of crazy stuff..and even on a stick! We order food in Thai and often it comes like something else…mostly because we aren’t pronouncing it correctly. We just smile and nod. Thai’s like their spice! I am thankful our kids like spice as well. They will come back to America and eat “spicy” food and it won’t even phase them I think.
  3. What continues to be your biggest challenge either as a family or just in your marriage as you live life in Thailand?  Well..I don’t know if I can narrow it down…I think one of our biggest challenge has been Samm and I switching places. I think for everyone that has been the biggest impact. The kids already had a huge change in coming to a foreign land, food, house, language but then to swap mom and dad and their roles has been hard stuff. It has been the hardest part in our marriage as well. We try to keep it positive on our blog and newsletters because there is so much to be grateful for..but we have took a few slugs in being here. It has pushed us beyond limits we thought we had. After a year and half it’s gotten better and we have learned a little thing called GRACE…still learning though!
  4. In what area of your faith has God radically grown and blessed you since moving to Thailand? Again..very hard to even say. For us as a family we have had to learn to rely on Him like never before obviously..but not just in the finances. To rely on Him to be our strength when we are so darn exhausted and spent. To rely on Him when I question if our kids will be glad they lived here and experienced God so closely. It’s not some’s life just like anyone’s but with curveballs we didn’t recognize or think about. God has helped us all realize its just not about us..its about Him wanting to be in relationship so intimately with Him. He uses anything and everything to make that happen.Especially when you move across the globe!
  5. Thoughts on giving your kids their 1st culture heritage in a second culture? Ooh this is a good one…and one we didn’t even think about before we left. We are SO grateful for CRICS the kids school! It has CHANGED our lives. They get to go to a school run mostly by Americans with kids in it from all over the world, that is Christian and has an American curriculum! UNREAL! It’s only 30 minutes away from our house! So this has helped us so much in keeping them tied to their original culture in so many ways while still learning about Thai culture! This school is a Godsend! We also still celebrate all the other holidays..they just look different here and much less fancy.

Thats all for now! Thanks for reading! Send us any more questions you might have!

Ever Grateful!

The Platts