You asked. We Answered.

Living in Asia is a little bit like being on a tilta-whirl…you seem like you have the hang of living in a foreign country that Bam! something else gets thrown at you and you feel like you are upside down again! Every week there are “curve balls” thrown at you and you have to be ready to duck or hit the ball. For example, we are helping to makeover the Team house(where all team trips stay) and we went to buy paint at the store and even with our little bit of Thai we ended up with the wrong primer. We needed white, they gave us…clear? They said its better to stick to concrete walls..yes but I need white primer so I don’t need to use five coats! They insisted this is what we needed. I insisted it’s not. Guess who ended up with 9 liters of clear primer?  Things like this happen all the time! We always try to let our readers feel what it’s like to live here. So we wanted to see what our readers were curious about so we asked them ” what do you want to know about life over here?” These are just some of the questions and our answers.

  1. What are the toilets like..squattie potties or sitty doonies? ( not sure on what a doonie is but it’s asked by our Scottish BOTH! You never know sometimes but usually the places won’t have toilet paper, so you bring your own or use the napkins provided for your meal or just drip dry. Tessa HATES the squatties. The other day we went to a festival and they had sheet metal walls for each squattie and she kept saying” mommy I need help my legs are tired(from squatting)” The kids will have great leg strength!
  2. Food Fails? Weird foods? Most of you know I am not an adventurous when it comes to food. At. All. However the kids have ate fried worms and crickets. They said they tasted like chips! Any market you go to there is all kinds of crazy stuff..and even on a stick! We order food in Thai and often it comes like something else…mostly because we aren’t pronouncing it correctly. We just smile and nod. Thai’s like their spice! I am thankful our kids like spice as well. They will come back to America and eat “spicy” food and it won’t even phase them I think.
  3. What continues to be your biggest challenge either as a family or just in your marriage as you live life in Thailand?  Well..I don’t know if I can narrow it down…I think one of our biggest challenge has been Samm and I switching places. I think for everyone that has been the biggest impact. The kids already had a huge change in coming to a foreign land, food, house, language but then to swap mom and dad and their roles has been hard stuff. It has been the hardest part in our marriage as well. We try to keep it positive on our blog and newsletters because there is so much to be grateful for..but we have took a few slugs in being here. It has pushed us beyond limits we thought we had. After a year and half it’s gotten better and we have learned a little thing called GRACE…still learning though!
  4. In what area of your faith has God radically grown and blessed you since moving to Thailand? Again..very hard to even say. For us as a family we have had to learn to rely on Him like never before obviously..but not just in the finances. To rely on Him to be our strength when we are so darn exhausted and spent. To rely on Him when I question if our kids will be glad they lived here and experienced God so closely. It’s not some’s life just like anyone’s but with curveballs we didn’t recognize or think about. God has helped us all realize its just not about us..its about Him wanting to be in relationship so intimately with Him. He uses anything and everything to make that happen.Especially when you move across the globe!
  5. Thoughts on giving your kids their 1st culture heritage in a second culture? Ooh this is a good one…and one we didn’t even think about before we left. We are SO grateful for CRICS the kids school! It has CHANGED our lives. They get to go to a school run mostly by Americans with kids in it from all over the world, that is Christian and has an American curriculum! UNREAL! It’s only 30 minutes away from our house! So this has helped us so much in keeping them tied to their original culture in so many ways while still learning about Thai culture! This school is a Godsend! We also still celebrate all the other holidays..they just look different here and much less fancy.

Thats all for now! Thanks for reading! Send us any more questions you might have!

Ever Grateful!

The Platts


Exciting News!!

The Platts need to go back to America! We are looking forward to coming home in June. We need to apply for another Thai visa as ours end in June, we will be doing some more fundraising and awareness and after being away from family and friends for almost two years our family is excited to come home and see our loved ones! We are counting down the months!

We need to raise around $10,000 for flights, visas, food etc. We have become used to just simply relying on Him to provide for us in everyday life and this is just another thing that we are trusting He will do. Can I be honest for a second…reaaally honest? We really wish there was a money tree that would allow us to serve God over here without relying on Him to nudge others to believe in what we are doing so they will give. Research says that the word money is the fourth most emotional word in the english language …I believe it! It evokes all kinds of emotions and thoughts. We just want to be open with you all that this is something that isn’t our favorite thing to do, but we know it’s necessary to be here on the ground!

We are BLESSED (and when I say that word I am not exaggerating) with people that have jumped on this cause and said ” I want to do something”. Our friends back home have put on a few different events that have been raising money. One of the bigger events is this:12620455_10153399624081964_1744537161_oWe Would love to see you there! Remember you can buy tickets on or just purchase them at the door. There are some exciting silent auctions being put together as well! Oh and more thing..PLEASE share and invite your friends! We want to thank all the people that have been working hard pulling it all together, if you have an idea for fundraising please send us an email we would love to hear it! We have also set up a Delta SkyMiles account if you have skymiles you would like to donate to get us home!

Ever grateful!

Love the Platt Family

I tell my kids this..

There is a saying I tell my boys all the time since they were really little..

“ The harder choice is usually the right choice”

For them that meant not hitting each other to get back at one another, to tell the truth when you did something wrong, to be kind to the kid that is bullying you.

For me, It would be to choose to pick the healthy food and not the cupcake, to work out when I am tired, to be there for a friend when I just want to go to bed, to be patient with my kids when I am exhausted.


I truly believe that when we have a choice to make if we choose the one that is harder, that goes against our flesh often times it’s the right one. In this season when things are difficult for all kind of reasons I remind myself that. Choose the harder one Ang, don’t give up and don’t you dare give in.

It seems that Humanity is the expert on giving up. On marriages, families, jobs, peace, God.

That when it makes us uncomfortable or it hurts we feel that we need to protect our own selves..Our own hearts. After all who else will? I have to remind myself daily that He is protecting my heart, that if I hold unto Him he will fight for me. He will work it out. This verse has spoke volumes to me lately:


“Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name. When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm 91: 14-16


What is my part in it? JUST HOLD ONTO HIM. Every single day. With sore hands and broken nails I squeeze His arm with all I have. Look what He says He will do… THE REST OF IT!

These are not just words on a page, none of it is. It’s the real deal. He is THAT good. We give into our feelings too much and don’t rely on the TRUTH. Or at least I do ..

There are things that happen in our lives that we can choose if we want to try in vain to protect our own hearts and stay in fear and give up?

…or will I cling hard to Him so that He fights for me, and calms my soul.


The thing I forget or am blinded by is I DO have a CHOICE. And so do you. We can choose the harder thing which in the end is actually the easier thing.


Thank you all to who have been praying for our family, those prayers are precious to us.

Quietly Christ

Maybe it’s because the holiday season is coming up, maybe its because we just had our first visitor come and ..go. I don’t know what it is. But I am in a funk. Which is rare for me, if I get down usually by the need of the day or sometimes the hour I am right back up. So this whole “yuck” is well..yuck. Every time I turn around I see all these fun xmas events on Fb, all these magical pins on pinterest, everyone I talk to back home is busy “preparing” for the holidays…to be honest I miss it. We have always just gotten our kids a couple gifts, not big into the whole gift thing. For me it’s more about making memories during that time. Those are the things they will remember not the umpteenth box of Legos, or Barbie’s. They will remember the ornaments making, the sledding and mom making homemade hot cocoa, the carols, church..All of it.


This is our second Christmas here in Thailand and frankly I thought I would have some “Christmas traditions” down. I don’t. Last year we rode the elephants and it was cool but they have done it so many times now with other people here its not anymore. I literally could skip the whole day and no one would even notice. THAT IS WEIRD! It pushes me to think about the truest meaning of why we celebrate this season, we all “know” why but we honestly do not emphasize it. However when all the glitz and glam of Christmas is taken away..What’s left? Our savior. In a manger just waiting to be noticed. Nothing fancy as far as human standards are concerned. All the lights and music steal the show…but when there isn’t lights and music I see my savior. I see hope. I see grace. More clear than I ever have, my spirit sees and feels it all. It’s my flesh that needs to catch up and quit looking at Pinterest.


It’s in the quiet part of my soul that I realize we are the lucky ones, to have it all stripped see Christmas for what it really is. For Who it’s really about. It has nothing to do with décor, trees, presents, even family and friends…it literally is just about the Son of God coming down as a helpless baby to save me from me.


I am so grateful…too grateful to stay in this funk for long… I say.

Open your hand, change your life.

Knowing how to be content whether with much or little I think is one of those top-secret ways to living a life full of joy and praise.

This last 12 months, and even when we lived in the states the Lord has taught us (sometimes by force) on what it looks like to live and I mean really live in JOY whether we have little or much. Being here has just cemented it in my soul. I live in a nation where the majority of the population has little…very, very little. So I am, keenly aware of what it looks like. It’s purely our human nature to want more, to never be happy and content with what He has given us. I’ve lived in plenty..even if I didn’t think it was at the time…that’s the sneaky part; you don’t see it as plenty because if you don’t stay grateful for what you have you will crave more of this world and less of Him. I always want to be at the place of needing Him, and knowing that I need Him to fulfill my every need. Whether I bring pennies in or am a millionaire. I never want to forget that all of my needs are met in Him. This world has nothing, literally nothing to offer you. No big bank account, no perfect marriage, no dream vacation, or even having children… nothing will compare to His love and the fullness of what it brings. All of those things are not a negative desire; many things that we desire are a healthy God given desire but it will not make your heart sing like He does.

In this season when I drive a truck that screams “poor girl” I am richer than I have ever been! We are daily thankful for our 20 year old truck that starts up without a hitch! In this season where entertainment is an idea or a memory, my life has never been more exciting. The things I thought I needed He has filled in a different way! He has provided every need while we live out this calling in Asia, a family of six that functions because of peoples generosity! How GOOD is our GOD?! He fills each part of our heart when we fully surrender to Him what is actually His in the first place.

Allowing Him to decide what He puts in my hand and how much has been the most freeing feeling. Not easy, no. It’s a constant game of trusting Him with my life. When I want to shrivel up in fear and run away I choose to walk it out knowing He is good and when you get that into the root of your soul you will walk out your faith in the most real way. Money is not the only thing I am talking about, giving others our time and energy, giving our talents up to be used is often times harder than writing a check. It’s the whole thing though, surrendering what we protect the most whatever that may be to HIM and see what He will do with it!

3067431Open your hand. Hold it out and wait. Wait for Him to put in it what He wants and take out what He says has to go. Close your eyes tight if you have to but keep that hand open. Your life will never be the same.

Philippians 4:11-13New International Version (NIV)

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Looking back.

I don’t think I can recognized the 19 year old girl that was as nervous as could be while standing at the alter, about to marry the world’s most incredible human. I feel like she is not even a replica of who I am, who I have become. I was so unsure of who I was, mostly because I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know WHOSE I was. I was afraid that marriage was goung to do more damage than good, I was afraid of being loved…really loved. The kind of love that comes back to hold the door open for you even when he is mad. The kind of love that gives more grace than he should. That kind of love was completely unfeasible to me at 19. Jesus has done so much. People claim that in their lives all the time, which is completely true to His character, He changes you, transforms you into something so different that you look back and say, “who was that girl?”


My heart has healed. My mind transformed. My spirit free. The great thing about Jesus is you just keep going. Glory to glory. He keeps chiseling away. Smoothing out the rough edges, ever so slowly sometimes but progress is being made.


Fourteen years. I honestly don’t feel old enough to say I have been married for 14 years and together for EIGHTEEN. Over half our life and we still like each other…most days. After trying for almost 4 years doctors saying you probably won’t ever have children…little did we all know I was already pregnant with ELI! Having 4 amazing kids, and one in heaven. Taking each other’s hands and jumping with our eyes closed into what faith really looks like, trusting this God we say we trust but action! Switching roles, moving across the world in a foreign place…and still hanging on tight to each other. I am so so thankful for this man that took me to be his wife at 19. That saw something in me that wasn’t yet even grown. I am beyond thankful to Jesus for this life I don’t deserve. That the enemy tried so very hard to steal…but love rescued me.

That’s why we are here ya know…the rescued help rescue.

Meet the Platts!


We are the Platt family! An ordinary family, really; two parents and four kiddos. We are passionate about justice, grace, coffee and people…and because of those things, God led us to Thailand last September. A place we would have been hard pressed to locate on a globe, to be honest.

Thailand is a place absolutely full of beauty and kindness and honor, but also a place where children are SOLD and raped daily. That sentence should make you cringe. The words children and rape should never be in the same sentence. We simply could not handle that this was happening all over the world. We simply could not just sit there waiting for someone else to jump in.

So we jumped. We moved to Thailand to work with Destiny Rescue. We rescue, restore and reintegrate these girls with the power of Jesus. There is NOTHING like seeing these precious faces come to life when they finally start to see the glimmer of their worth.

You know the saying, “One person can change the world”? Well, that is simply not true. ONE person can’t change the world — no matter how driven, passionate or succesful. It takes many, many people to come alongside that “one” person, and together they can attempt Mt. Everest. Each of us does our part so the world changes.

Moving to Asia is probably not in your five-year plan right? It’s way too hot here, anyways! However, if your heart is broken by what is happening here and you feel the need to do something, you’re in the right place — right where you are, at your computer.

You can support us; financially, prayerfully, and with wisdom and encouragement!

In order to live and work and raise our gaggle of children here, we are 100% supported by friends like you. Imagine wondering every month if your passionate, loving supporters will follow through so your family can thrive in a foreign country! It’s kinda crazy, but we are trusting our Awesome God to take care of us!

It helps us immensely when you set up your donation to happen automatically every month. From $200 down to $20, every gift you send literally means a meal for our kiddos or gas in our vehicle. Setting up your support is simple. Just click the DONATE button at the top of this page, and follow the simple steps.

For our part, we’ll send you a newsletter and updates! You will see what Destiny Rescue is doing every month! Just last week we rescued 28 girls. ONE WEEK. 28 GIRLS. WHOA! No other organization is rescuing at the rate of Destiny Rescue, and you can be a part of it. Follow @Destiny_Rescue and @AngPlatt on Instagram for rescue reports and a glimpse of our life.

We are more grateful than you’ll ever know, to have you partner with us. We hope you are as excited as we are to fight for these girls…together.

Samm & Angie

Tessa, Cyrus, Eli & Max


The Parable of the “Ten Totes”…heard of that one?

I’ve gotten over the fear of the “Ask”. I really truly cannot believe I am typing those words.


All my life I have been “self reliant” which I now know is no such thing. I moved out on my own before I graduated High School, I paid my way, I got married at 19 and we paid for the entire wedding ourselves. We got cars, stuff, a house..and every penny was on “our own”. In fact I think we took pride in the fact that we did it, never asked mom and pop for a dime and never received one either. Then New Zealand happened….and has had the last four years of my life spinning upside down and completely changed everything we knew about God, self-reliance and most important PRIDE. He showed us HE has it all. ALL. All can only ever mean all.


He showed us that He is the one who takes care of each one of us in the degree He decides. That trusting Him fully is the scariest and most freeing action step you will ever take. Oh MY yes it is! That when you give or sell literally pretty much every article of anything you ever owned and He shows up and blows your mind to bits, it becomes clear who’s BOSS.

I have right now 10 Tupperware totes in a friend’s garage to my name. In these totes are dishes, important papers and pictures. This is what I own after 33 years of walking this earth. TEN measly totes some would say. What you can’t see is a lifetime of seeing His glory in just 4 short years. Seeing the Miraculous. Seeing my FATHER. Feeling and knowing I am in His calling. Watching my kids see Him move the day after we pray a prayer. Seeing REAL captives set FREE in Jesus NAME! Watching darkness crumble to the floor like it never was. Seeing a tangible garment of HOPE on a body once beaten and exposed. I am FILTHY stinkin RICH.


SO here’s why I am no longer afraid of the “ask”. As missionaries you take the verse “ you have not because you ask not” Literally. I am not asking on behalf of me, I am not even asking on behalf of all the girls that need hope. I am always asking on behalf of God, this is His business plan. I am a vessel willing to work for Him. I ask because my Boss said, “Go”…and it takes that paper stuff to do so.


God has done more cool things in the past two weeks than I can even share on here (but oh I will soon). We are just $550.00 away in our monthly goal. That literally means 11 people giving 50.00 dollars a month, 12.50 a week! That keeps us in Thailand with a roof, food, car, expenses and more! Living what He has told us to do. If this sounds like a plan to you, our donate button right on our blog will help you do so!


We would love to have coffee with you and share if this is on your heart to support us, heck even if it isn’t we’d grab coffee with you and brag about this incredible God we worship and serve! He meets us right where are, doesn’t he!?


Don’t be afraid to tell the world what He has done…it’s the only HOPE they have.0007169143313_500X500

Don’t underestimate the Stocking

Image result for christmas stockingsYou remember Christmas morning as a kid, when you would run out to the Christmas tree realizing its brightly lit because it was still dark out, but it didn’t matter because it was the one day your parents were ok to see the whites of your eyes that early. Do you remember the anticipation of opening up that first gift? Hoping that Santa (which you knew was your parents) remembered you really wanted that specific thing?

I remember one year where the presents under the tree were good and all, I liked each one of them…but I didn’t realize what was waiting for me in the least likely places…your stocking!


I know, stockings were filled with candy mostly and responsible things like toothbrushes and socks (the kinds of things I wouldn’t mind getting now as an adult). Not this time though, my mom had thrown a curve ball when I had least expected it. In my stocking was the best gift, a crisp 100.00 bill! I remember jumping up and down and smelling it…I do that. I was so shocked to find something of greater value in my stocking than my presents under the tree!


It’s exactly how I feel coming “home”. Being in Thailand with a family has been no easy feat. In fact in the 14 years I have been married to charming, it’s been the hardest 7 months times three. No joke. Being on the field has pushed up any yuck that you in fact had no idea was lying dormant. It has forced us to cling to Jesus, most days we are keenly aware He is all we have. It has changed us, knocked us down, shaved off imperfections, and put us thru the refiners fire. So naturally when I was coming home I thought “ ahhh, a break” or “it’s going to be so good for me to be home” and it is, but for a completely different reason…yes the surprise stocking!


Being home has ultimetly made me aware that this is not my “home” anymore, at least not fully. It has made me see that I am called to Thailand in this season, even though it’s the harder thing to choose it’s the better choice. It’s made me see things I could not have if I hadn’t came back. Like how ridicoulsly amazing our support network is, God has showed up in some AMAZING and crazy ways. Just a small thing but such a God wink…the people that we gave our van to last September was planning on selling it to use the money, friends of theirs needed a vehicle so they borrowed it out a few months, then it was winter so who wants to get a car ready then. It sat until spring! They were cleaning it all up last week ready to bring it to a dealer to sell when they couldn’t find the key! So that got put on hold. They just found the key Tuesday (the day I got in mind you) they were going to take it to the dealer to sell when they got a text asking if anyone knew someone with an extra car to let Angie use. I get a text saying “hey you can you use your/our van if you need..Lol” You can’t make this stuff up. God literally is providing the same car to me that we gave away.


People are amazing here. It has allowed me to once again get a glimpse of the God I serve. He cares about every detail of our lives. Even the detail of when I am used to driving on the other side of the road and thankfully no oncoming cars. Yeesh! Its been good to be back, but not for the reasons I thought. Like beef, bathtubs and cool air. All those have been great..really great…but nothing to knowing that your calling is in the exact place that He has put you. There is Nothing like knowing you are doing what you were made to do. So when you begin to wonder or doubt and He sends you to America to remind you it’s a beautiful thing. Trust Him folks, your life will never be the same.




Random observations in my first 24 hours:

-I can hear everyone’s conversation in a room! Not just hear but know what ya’all are saying!

-There is a lot of OPEN spaces in America..aka we are not on top of each other! Love it!

-It smells nice here.

-There are WAY too many choices for deodorant here. WAY. TOO. MANY.

-Coffee is better than I remember

-Friends are sweeter than I knew

-Beds are soo comfy here! ( can I slap this sucker on my back and get on a plane?)

-I love turning on the radio in the car and I hear what they are singing!

-Beef is nice.



Thank you all for connecting with me, spoiling me, praying for my family and just in general Minnesota Nice stuff. You make it so much easier to be away from my kids and charming. XO.


Don’t forget THIS Monday our BBQ come here what God is doing and how you can be a part! 6-8! See you soon!



The one where we tell you a secret…RE-post 10 months ago and still applies!

Re-Post! Wrote this 10 months ago and it STILL applies! Be encouraged in the fear!

And God Said Go.

“In God we trust” is our familiar, all-American go-to phrase, but how do we do that when we are all bound up by fear? Fear is holding you back right now. Me too.

Scripture talks about many times when God asks His people to do something crazy, irrational, and dangerous! How about Abraham when God asks him to leave his land, his family, and everything that was familiar and comfortable to him to head out to an unknown destination? Think he was full of fear? You betcha. God’s message to him: “Fear not.” The same applied to Joshua, when he was to lead the children out of the wilderness and into the promised land. He saw some giants and everyone around him was in a panic. God’s message: “Fear not.” Scripture tells us not to fear over a hundred times! I think He is sending us a message.

Many times…

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