Quietly Christ

Maybe it’s because the holiday season is coming up, maybe its because we just had our first visitor come and ..go. I don’t know what it is. But I am in a funk. Which is rare for me, if I get down usually by the need of the day or sometimes the hour I am right back up. So this whole “yuck” is well..yuck. Every time I turn around I see all these fun xmas events on Fb, all these magical pins on pinterest, everyone I talk to back home is busy “preparing” for the holidays…to be honest I miss it. We have always just gotten our kids a couple gifts, not big into the whole gift thing. For me it’s more about making memories during that time. Those are the things they will remember not the umpteenth box of Legos, or Barbie’s. They will remember the ornaments making, the sledding and mom making homemade hot cocoa, the carols, church..All of it.


This is our second Christmas here in Thailand and frankly I thought I would have some “Christmas traditions” down. I don’t. Last year we rode the elephants and it was cool but they have done it so many times now with other people here its not anymore. I literally could skip the whole day and no one would even notice. THAT IS WEIRD! It pushes me to think about the truest meaning of why we celebrate this season, we all “know” why but we honestly do not emphasize it. However when all the glitz and glam of Christmas is taken away..What’s left? Our savior. In a manger just waiting to be noticed. Nothing fancy as far as human standards are concerned. All the lights and music steal the show…but when there isn’t lights and music I see my savior. I see hope. I see grace. More clear than I ever have, my spirit sees and feels it all. It’s my flesh that needs to catch up and quit looking at Pinterest.


It’s in the quiet part of my soul that I realize we are the lucky ones, to have it all stripped away..to see Christmas for what it really is. For Who it’s really about. It has nothing to do with décor, trees, presents, even family and friends…it literally is just about the Son of God coming down as a helpless baby to save me from me.


I am so grateful…too grateful to stay in this funk for long… I say.