Rescue Team

I jumped out of bed wet from tears and sweat, it took me a minute to remember where I was. I was safe. More importantly she was safe. Instinctively I ran onto Tessa’s room and put my hand on her little back to feel the rhythm of each breath. Safe and sound. It had only been a nightmare. A violent terrifying nightmare I have had a few times over the weeks preparing to go to Thailand. As I stood there I was reminded that for me it was just a nightmare. For them though it was a reality. Their everyday life trapped into the horrors of sex slavery. I sobbed. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted to quit, to stop “knowing” what was happening in every city in the world. I wanted to give up and turn away. In that moment hearing the whisper “ I never turn away, not in anyone’s pain including yours” hit me hard. He knows full well our pain. He cannot and will not “unsee” our pain. He knew what the cost would be to restore our souls, He counted it when He sent His only Son. Then I remembered the phrase I tell myself when I feel discouraged and overwhelmed with this whole thing:

“Rescuing Costs something, Rescuing risks everything”

Read that again. Let it sink into your soul. Any form of rescuing costs something right? Whether it be a plane at the bottom of an ocean, or a burning building with people stuck inside, or a couple stuck on a life raft in the middle of an ocean. Thousands of dollars are spent, hundreds of hours put in, and dozens of lives at risk to help save others. You see where I am going with this don’t you?

Look at the Cross! Close your eyes and see the Son of God Almighty! In pain and anguish! It costs everything! He without sin chose to rescue us to take on our sin! God saw our brokenness and He ran to our rescue! The entire bible is a rescue story! We were a slave to our own sin…BUT GOD! In His radical generosity sent us a one man rescue team taking on our sins closing the gap between Him and us.

I say all this with deep conviction. I know full well what I’ve been rescued from. My own childhood filled with an addict for a mom, fatherless, abuse, violence, divorce, poverty and the list goes on! He literally rescued me from destruction!! I am so thankful and blessed to walk in freedom from all the things the enemy would love to oppress me under! It’s because of our own rescue that inspires us to help rescue others! It might be reaching out to inner city kids, or helping the homeless, or loving on a single mom. It is all in response to the rescue you have already received! The question is are we as followers of Him responding? Or have we taken our rescue, thanked Him and moved on? Are we pausing long enough to ask Him how we can bring hope to someone else? Jesus rescue mission has always been Life.

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This is His heart for EVERYONE!

Yes its uncomfortable. Yes its expensive. Yes you will have to walk in faith and put yourself “out there”. It’s so worth it though! Knowing you are a part of bringing heaven down to earth! Gods plan for mankind is rescued people rescue people! I don’t know about you but I am eternally grateful  that He saw what it would cost and did it anyways. I only hope that I can show someone else this path to a full life!



We leave in FOUR days. Its amazing that the seed God planted almost three years ago is coming to life! This trip is going to cost more than we had originally thought so we are still a few hundred dollars short. We have complete faith that He will finish what He has started though! Again anything we raise over what we need will go to Destiny Rescue. They have talked about allowing the girls to have  a fun day. Possibly an ice cream party, or bringing them to have a beach day. I know that would be amazing!

Samm and I have been literally overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and support. At times we are so humbled when people we hardly know step up and want to sow into His kingdom work. We don’t take this lightly at all. So thank you again!!

If you feel led to give you can do so right here on our blog up at the top the donate button is there. Many people have given in person so they can share with us why they felt they were to give and its been powerful!

Thank you for partnering with us as we all are apart of the rescue team!

We are ready to DO THIS!

Psalm 18:19 ” He rescued me, because He delights in me”

Samm & Angie

Ordinary Us. Extra ordinary Him.

I believe that, like all other generations before us, we have an opportunity to watch God move amongst us; surrendering our lives to Him will turn His heart to use us. He is asking each generation, and waiting for us to fully surrender our lives to Him. When we decide to live our lives like this, He invades. Like a flood. Changing the landscape of history. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a part of that.

Recently, God spoke a very powerful dream to us. One that cannot and will not happen without Him intervening and driving that bus. Just the thought of what He has called us to makes us weak in our knees, our hearts start to race, our palms begin to sweat. Which is usually a good indicator you’re on the right track. We do not react in such a manner because we feel He is not able…no, no we believe WE are not able. That’s where trust comes in.

About 2.5 years ago while in New Zealand, we saw what it meant for the first time to live fully awake and alive to God. We had no concept of this before that. We had no idea what it looked like. We didn’t even know we didn’t know. Ya know? God began opening our eyes to how our lives were meant for something much greater. Everyone’s life is meant for something greater. Greater than the idea of building “our dream”. A new, bigger and better house, the nicer car, the promotions, the dream vacation. We began to see all the things we were dreaming were centered around one thing…US. We had faith – even shared it. We tithed, went to church, led a small group. We just never lived in a way that took risks for Him. We never lived in expectation. Our faith truly (even though we wouldn’t have ever been able to articulate it) was centered around how we make a successful life for us. God was still in the recipe, He just wasn’t the main ingredient. Most Christians live like this, and never even realize the great and amazing life that God has dreamt up for them is passing them by!

While in NZ, He began to stir; showing us life would never be the same. We were tired of living life like that. We were over progressing into the next stage of our lives, trying to figure out how we could accomplish our goals and dreams. How does God call us to live out His dreams for our lives (which I promise is so much more fulfilling) when we are too busy planning our own?

The Bible says Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Ephesians 3:20.

We really had no clue what He wanted, only that He was going to be the one to clue us in. So, we prayed a lot. We sought after Him. We said, “Whatever God, whatever it is, we will do it.” Scared and full of doubt, we decided our lives were not our own anymore. We were handing over our dreams to Him. We didn’t know if we were going to be in a mud hut in Africa, decided not to say, “Don’t send me to Africa, Lord!” because we all know what happens then. “Ok, Africa and all, God.” We just began to fully trust Him. For the first time really in our lives.

Then about a year and a half ago came the first glimpse. Only we didn’t even know it. That’s the part I love about Him. He is a gentleman, He never forces Himself on anyone. He is so gentle. This February, He spoke loud and clear. So clearly we were on our knees, crying and in disbelief. We now know this trip is just the first step, even though they say, “The first step is a doozy!” Or maybe it’s the last step…either way.

Our heart is to tell you. Yes you. God has a much bigger plan for your life than the next high, the next vacation, the next house. BELIEVE He knit you together and when He did, He encoded your very DNA with a purpose. A purpose to bring heaven to earth. Even if it’s small, start there! If you believe He is real, then He is fully able to do what He is asking. Trust me. I look at all our lack, and it can be depressing. I laugh at it! Then I read scripture. It is full of people that were the least likely person for the job. Ordinary. Or even screw ups – like you and me!

Moses – full of fear, shepherd, stuttering problem.

Noah – a drunk!

Joseph – started his life as a slave and then a prisoner!

Peter – an ordinary fisherman.

God even chose a helpless baby to bring forth the Savior! The very least likely candidate I’m sure the Jews thought, which is why so many didn’t believe it! He uses the broken and the humbled, the ordinary, to do extra ordinary things! Regardless of all the failures you think prohibit you from living out the calling He has for you, God says something else. He says because of the finished work of Christ, you, my friend, are VICTORIOUS!! Even if you are in a season right now where you are truly broken, know that in His timing He will restore you and breathe life into you and use you for His glory!!!

There is a gift or a talent placed in you that no one else in the world can offer. I firmly believe it. Hand it to Him. Watch as He grows you and forms you into the person He will use to help His people and bring Him Glory!!


Again we want to thank you all, we are so excited to see how God is going to wrap this all up! We leave in 19 days! We have 1,250.00 currently! We need to raise $2000.00 by the 14th and the last $1000.00 by the time we leave! We are confident He will do it in His time frame! If you would like to support us you can click the DONATE button on the top right of our blog!

Our screening to the powerful documentry that changed our life, called Nefarious will be shown on April 18 @7pm at The Crossing Church in Zimmerman. If you would like to come and check it out please just send us a note! Would love to see you there!

Its all about Jesus!

Samm & Angie