Simple Abundance

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Appreciative. LIMG_6522ooking at the glass half full..whatever you call it I have been purposeful in my every day to pay attention to the things I would miss in life if they were suddenly taken away. ¬†Gratitude is the highway to joy and we all want more joy. More of His joy…not a joy that is rooted in circumstances or people. The joy that bubbles deep down, that in the face of trials joy will radiate off you. Sign me up! Thats what I crave and hunger for!

So, in effort to seeing His blessings in my life here are some  of the things I have stopped and truly thanked my papa for lately:

My husband- He is legit the most level headed and strong man I know, this season has highlighted so many of his strengths to me. So very grateful.

My children- Yes it’s’s supposed to be..I am raising humans! They make me laugh, and bring so much joy into my life.

My role at DR- I have come into myself being here, seeing I was created to love others well and that I am not perfect in this but its a goal I set out to do every day.

So now we have the three doozies done, there is more:

Thankful I can pick up my fruit at a fruit stand where the little old lady every time laughs as she corrects my broken thai.

My relationship with some of the Thai’s I have gotten to know, I see Gods fingerprint in their culture and it blesses me.

Gods provision- Living in faith and knowing He is good and He is my provider- there is nothing like that.

Amazing friends back home that support us and cheer us on- means the world.

The mountains that surround our home- it reminds me God is big…real big.

For the tribe that I work with every day, leaning on Him to make a difference in these kids lives. Us doing our part as the body, they way God himself intended it to work it really is magical some days.

Good coffee- Honestly the coffee here is amazing. I literally hate Starbucks now..which seems sinful I know.

The adventure of going to new places in this beautiful country; I was made for adventure and I am in the perfect place to do so.

Quiet moments on my porch inhaling His grace and peace, exhaling chaos and brokenness- I have cherished it more this season as I learn to rest and slow down.

There is so much more..I want to encourage you to be a person of life, to try to grab hold of the things you would miss if they opens the doorway to His joy..I can feel it already seep in.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” -Melody Beattie