Outreach week one

Last week was our official first week of outreach. When I was walking a few weeks back I felt the Lord say that He wanted us to bless the neighbors of Ywam with in a mile each way from where we live. So we bought stuff to make baked goods and we made them all with the kids and wrapped them up and we went out on Thursday to deliver them. We had eight plates to deliver and we delivered them all. We got great response and people were very receptive. We told them we just wanted to make their day and tell them what we were doing for the next eight weeks. Our last house we knocked on was an elderly lady that was a widow. She kindly invited us in to have tea with her. We all went in, what a fun bunch we were, one from Switzerland and one from South Africa and Samm, me and Eli. I’m sure she was a little overwhelmed as she put the kettle on. We chatted with her and told her what we were doing and she has been living in this house for over 55 years. We just listened to her stories; she seemed to just want someone to hear her and her story. She touched my heart, as she was so hospitable and kind to us. Even expecting us to help her eat the goodies we baked…something Eli was happy to do. Before we left we said could we pray for you. She kindly told us her prayer needs and we did we just sat with her in her quaint little kitchen and prayed over this sweet woman. She looked up with tears in her eyes, I could tell she had felt the love our heavenly father. We will be coming back to help her with her yard work and other things. I cannot wait to love on her!

The other thing we did was go minister to young children ages 6-12 at a VBS sort of thing. All these kids about 60 come and do crafts and play games. Most of them do not go to a church, most are still really wondering about Jesus. It was a really neat time with these kids. I was at the Popsicle craft table and I started to chat with these eight year old twin girls. We started really talking about deep stuff. Heaven and Hell. How their parents are divorced and their mom hates church but thinks there might be a God. One of the twins had already accepted Jesus into their heart, the other not so much. So I made a great connection with them. I did not know Id be going back the next day. They were thrilled to see me and God was doing awesome things. Samm had to stay at home with the boys and he decided to be interceding and praying that morning for the team. I have no doubt prayer works. Anyhow the one little girl Hannah says to me “Angie do you know that special prayer that asks Jesus into your heart?” Yes I do” “ok thanks” and she walks away. About fifteen minutes later she comes back and stares at me with tears in her eyes. She barely chokes out “Angie will you pray that prayer with me, I think I’m ready” So we do and she accepts Him and I know her life will be forever changed. I know more in the spirit happened than in the natural and He rejoices over each one!! I’m so thankful He has decided to use me…for whatever reason.

So bring it on week two! I know we are going to be going to a mom’s playgroup place, I know we will probably go to the ocean and help clean up that terrible oil spill that happened a few weeks ago. I also know that God has His own agenda. I cannot wait to see what He is going to do!

Thank you all for your prayers, more than anything it is moving all the over here in New Zealand! Please continue to pray for us. God has changed so much in our lives and we are so thankful for every person rooting us on in our corner! Love you all Very much!

No ordinary God here

When we are living life and we aren’t really seeing Gods amazing power in our lives we tend to assume that He’s probably busy, He’s vacationing in the Tropics or something else. We think only when he comes in and rescues us from our distress that He is really working. This week I did a mini sermon and we had to do it on a bible character that represents a character of God. I chose Esther and how her story represents God’s Sovereignty. The entire book is the essence of who He is in the every day life. There is not one mention of God, or Lord in the entire thing. There is also not a single miracle done, everything is by natural law. Vashti being kicked out, pretty natural. Esther being chosen, she was pretty so that happens. Esther coming to the King. Hard but not impossible.

All this to say is that God works amazing things through ordinary people. In Esther, He works through a drunken husband’s outrageous demand, a beauty pageant, a villain’s hateful and arrogant plot, a king’s insomnia, a king’s absentmindedness, and a boring record. He weaves all of these together and redeems His people from destruction. What if they refused to listen? Refused to stand up for what is right and moral? They would have missed God’s blessing, but God would have found another way to complete His task. He would have used other people or arranged other sets of circumstances. He is always working in the background, pulling things to work for His perfect plan. Even when we don’t see it or even believe it. He is.

The entire Ywam dTS I was waiting and asking God to do an AH HA! Moment. There were many times when I saw Him moving and growing us but it has been a progression. I have seen many things that He has been laying the foundation blocks for. He has changed SO many things in our lives and those are the things I can see! I know there are many more things that He is doing that are happening in the background. God is in the business in turning the ordinary into extra ordinary! I am so glad too because I don’t know about you but next to God I feel pretty darn ordinary! Be encouraged that He is using you and is working out His plans. If you don’t feel like it He still is but maybe check out where He is moving and go there so He can use you! I know that He is so much bigger than our wildest imaginations and every time I try to put Him in a box he shows me He will not be put there. I know now that its all a progress and even when I don’t see Him in the natural working He is always in the under current growing and stretching me to become more and more like Him!

Not without you!


As the last week of the lecture phase ends, we are just so grateful for what God has done in our family. We came because God said “go” we did not know all the benefits that He would be blessing us with. How He has been equipping us for future ministries He has called us for. However we are SO excited to go out and give what He has given us so freely…ultimately His never-ending love. We are both so passionate to reach out to those who have no hope, who think that there is no more to life. We want to be a light in this world that is covered with so much darkness!


We graduate on Monday and then they commission us out. Half our team is going to Fiji and the other half is staying here in Matamata and reaching out to the community. We are staying here and know He has called us here! Outreach is sure to stretch us even more! Bring it on!


Many of you have asked if we need things. A lot of you have blessed us SOO much by sending us care packages and you cannot know what that does for us. Stuff is so ridicoulsly expensive here and we had no idea it would be this way. So if you would like to help us, the best and most economical way is donating right here on our blog and it gets to our account. We know He is and will always be our provider. We have seen Him come thru miraculous and nothing can take that away!!! We just buy the basics like diapers and wipes and a few snacks. The thing that really cost is our laundry. It cost 2.00 per load to wash and we try to dry it on the line but it rains quite a bit so it’s another 2.00! Boys are DIRTY!!! That’s just an example.


Prayers would be the most appreciated. If we have learned one thing here it’s that God of heaven and earth listens to our prayers…it’s been so real! Please pray that the boys do ok with outreach, they will be coming and ministering with us. Please keep praying that God has a home for us to live and a job for Samm when we get back. We trust Him in it all!


Last week He came thru in the small ways which sometimes means more. We were needing to buy oatmeal for Cy and Samm said we really couldn’t. The next day a package from Aubrey’s mom came and had a whole bunch of packets of instant oatmeal for Cy just when we needed it!! Then I needed to do laundry and I asked God for money to do it, I said God I wont do laundry until you give the money. Next morning put my pants on and there was a 20.00 bill! I have no idea how that could be there…in tact! I had washed those pants just the week before!! Then we needed a folder to put all our loose paper in and we again were going to buy it and samm said lets just wait…next day a package from a good friend came and she put a letter to us in a folder!!! Just amazing! The small and big things have touched us. I have talked to a lot of people and said that our story has strengthen their faith and some who don’t yet believe have started to question maybe there is a God who loves me…just maybe. It’s just nothing to do with us and everything to do with a God who is insanely in love with His children!


Yesterday was my 30th birthday…I know old lady..blah blah. Birthdays are a big deal to me and I had been thinking how bummed I was to be away from all my amazing friends who spoil me on my birthday and make me feel so special. Then one of the school leaders a month ago said we were going to this Christian adventure camp where there would be all kinds of fun things..On October 7! I see now that was His perfect timing and it made my birthday feel so special for me, maybe a small thing in some ways…but a personal thing to me.

So there you are, if God is tugging on your hearts to pray for us or donate to us you can do so right here. Thank you all for your words of encouragement!! We have never been so stretched in all our lives! We love you all and pray for so many of you all the time!

Till next time!


Love Samm, Angie & the boys!