Outreach week one

Last week was our official first week of outreach. When I was walking a few weeks back I felt the Lord say that He wanted us to bless the neighbors of Ywam with in a mile each way from where we live. So we bought stuff to make baked goods and we made them all with the kids and wrapped them up and we went out on Thursday to deliver them. We had eight plates to deliver and we delivered them all. We got great response and people were very receptive. We told them we just wanted to make their day and tell them what we were doing for the next eight weeks. Our last house we knocked on was an elderly lady that was a widow. She kindly invited us in to have tea with her. We all went in, what a fun bunch we were, one from Switzerland and one from South Africa and Samm, me and Eli. I’m sure she was a little overwhelmed as she put the kettle on. We chatted with her and told her what we were doing and she has been living in this house for over 55 years. We just listened to her stories; she seemed to just want someone to hear her and her story. She touched my heart, as she was so hospitable and kind to us. Even expecting us to help her eat the goodies we baked…something Eli was happy to do. Before we left we said could we pray for you. She kindly told us her prayer needs and we did we just sat with her in her quaint little kitchen and prayed over this sweet woman. She looked up with tears in her eyes, I could tell she had felt the love our heavenly father. We will be coming back to help her with her yard work and other things. I cannot wait to love on her!

The other thing we did was go minister to young children ages 6-12 at a VBS sort of thing. All these kids about 60 come and do crafts and play games. Most of them do not go to a church, most are still really wondering about Jesus. It was a really neat time with these kids. I was at the Popsicle craft table and I started to chat with these eight year old twin girls. We started really talking about deep stuff. Heaven and Hell. How their parents are divorced and their mom hates church but thinks there might be a God. One of the twins had already accepted Jesus into their heart, the other not so much. So I made a great connection with them. I did not know Id be going back the next day. They were thrilled to see me and God was doing awesome things. Samm had to stay at home with the boys and he decided to be interceding and praying that morning for the team. I have no doubt prayer works. Anyhow the one little girl Hannah says to me “Angie do you know that special prayer that asks Jesus into your heart?” Yes I do” “ok thanks” and she walks away. About fifteen minutes later she comes back and stares at me with tears in her eyes. She barely chokes out “Angie will you pray that prayer with me, I think I’m ready” So we do and she accepts Him and I know her life will be forever changed. I know more in the spirit happened than in the natural and He rejoices over each one!! I’m so thankful He has decided to use me…for whatever reason.

So bring it on week two! I know we are going to be going to a mom’s playgroup place, I know we will probably go to the ocean and help clean up that terrible oil spill that happened a few weeks ago. I also know that God has His own agenda. I cannot wait to see what He is going to do!

Thank you all for your prayers, more than anything it is moving all the over here in New Zealand! Please continue to pray for us. God has changed so much in our lives and we are so thankful for every person rooting us on in our corner! Love you all Very much!