Freedom Music Fest 2018

Most of you who have been following our journey the past four years know that we are here only because of generous supporters that want to do their part in ending child sex slavery. Every year I (Angie) take the trip across the oceans to speak at events, connect with others and raise our yearly support to continue living in Thailand doing what God has called us to do. Its been a year and a half and its that time again. God never does it the same, each year it has looked different and each year He has been so faithful to our family.

This year we are so excited to have a popular Christian rock band come and put on a concert for us at the Freedom Music Fest we are hosting in Elk River! We are blown away how He is lining it all up with us being across the world! There will be bands, a food truck, vendors and a message that God is preparing in my heart already.

Today we are asking for your help.

To come back to the states, pay for the band(who has been so generous in what they charge) and to pay for this event we need to raise about $3500 in the next ten days as plane tickets are climbing, the band needs payment and fliers are being printed. Can we do this together? Can we make sure that these kids who are being exploited have people champion for them? For their freedom? Can we release the Fathers Heart to them? Pray for them and cheer them on even from a distance? I think we can. I think that every time we step outside of what is “comfortable” we grow. We have a chance to see Gods goodness in both our lives and the lives of others. I am challenging you to be apart of this Freedom Fest, to give even when its uncomfortable.

A few months ago I thanked one of our friends that happens to be a monthly donor, her response blew me away! She said ” Please don’t feel the need to thank me, in fact thank you. I feel like giving to this cause has opened up my heart in ways I never knew was there. To live outside of me. To care about the broken..the one I will never meet. It’s helped me see the vision for my own life”

In the uncomfortable place really is the place we see the greatest blessings and growth.

We hope to see you there! Watch the video to see WHO is coming and WHEN!

For their freedom,

Samm & Angie Platt