An unexpected turn…


Living overseas has had both such incredible rewards and ridiculously hard challenges. One of the challenges that many overseas workers seem to face is the dreaded V word. VISAS. That tiny little stamp in your passport that says ” yes you may live in our country”  We went thru all the correct channels in the states to get our visas. Recently we have found out that the visa we purchased in the states will be expiring and we cannot extend that visa any longer as we always have in the past. Over the last year or so the government is changing the types of visas and how many are issued. Due to unforeseen circumstances  things have changed and we now need a different visa to continue to stay and minister in Thailand.  Our current visa expires with the new year, and we have no other option than to apply for a different kind of visa. So what this means in short is all six of us must leave the country to a nearby country and apply for and purchase a new visa, wait the 3-5 days to obtain said visa and go home happy!

So now what?

We are praying that you will prayerfully be able to give towards this expense that we have no other option to do. To save the most amount of money on airline tickets and hotels we will need to start booking these shortly. We are grateful for any amount you can give towards this. We are estimating it will cost $3000-$3500 for everything.  As soon as can we will begin the application process for the visa. Please join us in praying for the whole situation as we anticipate God moving on our behalf. Please share our blog as well! We are just trusting that He is going to meet us here and do what only He can!

As we have just gotten off a plane a few days ago where Sam trained the Rescue agents that rescues the kids trapped in sex trafficking, he was in a city that has been labeled     ” The sex capital of the world” with an estimation of 20,000 brothels, we are reignited in the absolute truth that freedom DOES have a price and we must be willing to pay it! Even for a stamp! Will you consider helping us make that happen? If so you can click the donate button at the top!

We are ever grateful!


For their freedom,

Sam & Angie