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We are so excited to have the popular Christian rock band Remedy Drive coming to town October 7th at 5pm to do a Freedom Fest Fundraiser for us! There will be food, shopping and you will hear how God is changing kids lives that are coming out of sexual exploitation in SE Asia.


TOWN GREEN PARK -7991 Main St, Maple Grove, MN 55369


So grab some friends and buy your tickets on the link above and JOIN US for a great night, supporting a great cause!town_green_maple_grove_mn_concerts_640_380auto.jpg

See you there!

Freedom Music Fest 2018

Most of you who have been following our journey the past four years know that we are here only because of generous supporters that want to do their part in ending child sex slavery. Every year I (Angie) take the trip across the oceans to speak at events, connect with others and raise our yearly support to continue living in Thailand doing what God has called us to do. Its been a year and a half and its that time again. God never does it the same, each year it has looked different and each year He has been so faithful to our family.

This year we are so excited to have a popular Christian rock band come and put on a concert for us at the Freedom Music Fest we are hosting in Elk River! We are blown away how He is lining it all up with us being across the world! There will be bands, a food truck, vendors and a message that God is preparing in my heart already.

Today we are asking for your help.

To come back to the states, pay for the band(who has been so generous in what they charge) and to pay for this event we need to raise about $3500 in the next ten days as plane tickets are climbing, the band needs payment and fliers are being printed. Can we do this together? Can we make sure that these kids who are being exploited have people champion for them? For their freedom? Can we release the Fathers Heart to them? Pray for them and cheer them on even from a distance? I think we can. I think that every time we step outside of what is “comfortable” we grow. We have a chance to see Gods goodness in both our lives and the lives of others. I am challenging you to be apart of this Freedom Fest, to give even when its uncomfortable.

A few months ago I thanked one of our friends that happens to be a monthly donor, her response blew me away! She said ” Please don’t feel the need to thank me, in fact thank you. I feel like giving to this cause has opened up my heart in ways I never knew was there. To live outside of me. To care about the broken..the one I will never meet. It’s helped me see the vision for my own life”

In the uncomfortable place really is the place we see the greatest blessings and growth.

We hope to see you there! Watch the video to see WHO is coming and WHEN!

For their freedom,

Samm & Angie Platt



An unexpected turn…


Living overseas has had both such incredible rewards and ridiculously hard challenges. One of the challenges that many overseas workers seem to face is the dreaded V word. VISAS. That tiny little stamp in your passport that says ” yes you may live in our country”  We went thru all the correct channels in the states to get our visas. Recently we have found out that the visa we purchased in the states will be expiring and we cannot extend that visa any longer as we always have in the past. Over the last year or so the government is changing the types of visas and how many are issued. Due to unforeseen circumstances  things have changed and we now need a different visa to continue to stay and minister in Thailand.  Our current visa expires with the new year, and we have no other option than to apply for a different kind of visa. So what this means in short is all six of us must leave the country to a nearby country and apply for and purchase a new visa, wait the 3-5 days to obtain said visa and go home happy!

So now what?

We are praying that you will prayerfully be able to give towards this expense that we have no other option to do. To save the most amount of money on airline tickets and hotels we will need to start booking these shortly. We are grateful for any amount you can give towards this. We are estimating it will cost $3000-$3500 for everything.  As soon as can we will begin the application process for the visa. Please join us in praying for the whole situation as we anticipate God moving on our behalf. Please share our blog as well! We are just trusting that He is going to meet us here and do what only He can!

As we have just gotten off a plane a few days ago where Sam trained the Rescue agents that rescues the kids trapped in sex trafficking, he was in a city that has been labeled     ” The sex capital of the world” with an estimation of 20,000 brothels, we are reignited in the absolute truth that freedom DOES have a price and we must be willing to pay it! Even for a stamp! Will you consider helping us make that happen? If so you can click the donate button at the top!

We are ever grateful!


For their freedom,

Sam & Angie

Three years ago we spent the majority of our summer sitting across the table in a local coffee shop with dozens of people. We shared our hearts about the evil of child sex slavery and how it broke our hearts; we shared how we HAD to do something to end it and we asked people if they would step up and do their part as well..becoming a monthly donor.

And most of them said YES. They said yes to a world that kids have dreams in their childhoods and not living a nightmare! Our donors are the reason we are here today. They pray for us when we call out to them. They pray for our family, finances and faith. They pray when we get details of a girl rescued. They are such an integral part of the whole thing.

They are our HEROES. So many times we hear ” wow thats amazing that you would move across the world for that” or “thank you for serving Him like that” Event after event that we have held we hear so many things. Its all coming from a good heart but the most incredible thing we hear and not often is ” I want to help, we want to support you monthly” these are our heroes. The people that move from spectators to active players! Its hard to stay in a fight that is a world a way, a fight that defends faceless children that they will never meet. That takes steadfast courage! To continue to pray Gods heart of justice and mercy into these kids lives! To continue to give each month year after year to someone who can never repay you is real sacrifice!

We applaud our supporters, prayer warriors and donors. This fight is awful and ugly. It takes suiting up from our heads to our toes. The full armor. Even then our hearts can be weary and jaded..and all it takes is someone to text us ” stay in the game guys, you’re making a difference”.  We would say the same to the people that have joined us in the ring. They are heroes in our eyes and we are so grateful to the tribe who month after month continue to stay in the ring and fight with us.

If we don’t who will?

The REAL heroes.

Some of you may have noticed..most probably not. I haven’t been writing on here in not at all. There’s a reason for it..I feel like Ive lost my voice a little bit..not my actual voice of course(though my kids would probably enjoy that for a period) but my writing voice. I inspire easily and in this season..well I don’t..and if I get inspired I just can’t form words about it.So God is funny sometimes..I was journalling the other day and pouring out my heart to Him..and I am about done and I hear His small whisper ” post this..exactly like it is”

” HUH?” “This is personal Lord” ” And not good!” “It’s rambling Lord”
SIGH. ” Ok Lord..obedience..yep..ok”

So here you go in not judgy..thanks.

“Keep my eyes on you.”

Not on the to do’s, not on the what if’s, not on the how much’s, not on the how can I’s..

YOU. YOUR provision. YOUR strength. YOUR future for me. YOUR grace.

Help me to tune into your voice.
To stand on the mountain top of gratefulness, forgetting the valley of self doubt and the pools of question marks.

YOU are enough Jesus. Every breath I take I inhale faith and exhale anxiety. I am enough..because of nothing I innately am but because of you alone. I can collapse into your arms with not one side glance of judgement or my favorite revisiting enemy ” Buck up Angie” I don’t need to prove anything. You are enough so I am enough.

The bucket I measure myself in is empty..bone dry..but its ok because YOU are the bucket and even though I am dry you are enough and you carry me.

Taking the steps..with no idea where you’ll end up is full of emotion for me..keep holding His hand. Firm grip. Eyes on Him. Stop looking at the ground beneath you..yes I know its shaky..the path is missing pieces..its ok..eyes on Him.

I hear you Lord whispering “Cast your cares on me..right now”

The kids Father..oh Lord are we screwing up their childhoods or giving the a wild ride in faith? Or both? God firm grip on them ok? I am helping to take care of your kids please Father take care of mine. Trusting.

My marriage- Thank you Lord for Samm who is in love with ALL of me or at least entertained with the other bits. Keep us connected and grossly in love.

Provision- You are faithful. Time and time again we ask you to provide and you DO. Again we scrape the barrel and we ask you to provide. And we wait on you. We trust you.

USE us! Stretch us.Use our gifts…all 3 of them! Don’t let us turn on the path till you say so. Again we trust you..mostly.

Ok Father I think I can re-fix my eyes on you. Your promises. Your faithfulness. Get me ready for battle.

An entry from my journal

Comedy for a Cause!


We all could stand to laugh a little more….okay, A LOT more. Between the craziness in our lives and the craziness in the world, a night full of belly laughs could really hit the spot! And considering the fact that it will also help set vulnerable kids free from the prison of sex slavery…well it just don’t get much better than that! World-changing never felt so good!

Kerri Pomarolli has been dubbed “Hollywood’s favorite clean comic”. From soap opera star to sought after stand-up comedian, Kerri has shared the stage with Jim Carey, Jay Leno, Sherri Shepard and many more! Kerri is excited to get us laughing and remind us of the important things in life.

All the funds raised will be used to fight child sex slavery, so click the link and go to the tab that says Comedy for a Cause to buy tickets. Grab some friends and get ready for a great night of laughter and life-change!

If you are a small business and would like to help sponsor the night click on the donate button and we will feature you in the events program!



For more info visit

Updates and Changes galore!

Happy New Year All!

It has been way too long since we updated you and a lot has happened! Let’s go warp speed shall we?!

Last Summer we had the amazing privilege of spending the summer in America! It was the first time all of us were there since we moved here so it was nothing short of magical and so very much needed! During this time we really felt that The Lord was going to bring something for Sam to serve in  and we were praying into a specific organization, we knew that with all three boys in school it would be more feasible.

When we returned from the States God did exactly that! He answered our prayers and connected us with an organization called SWAT and it was what they were praying for as well! I love when God lines it up! The heart of Swat is to train up rescue agents in self defense and tactics to ensure they are safe when going into the brothels to rescue these kids.

They also train up the girls that have been rescued, teaching them to defend themselves  against an attacker which empowers them to stand up!

Finally, they train up the houseparents that are taking care of the girls. With incredible trauma it can bring up violent outbursts and anger..Swat trains the caregivers on how to restrain a child in non violent ways to ensure the relationship that they works so hard to build stays intact.

Swat works with several organizations all over Asia including Destiny Rescue and its an honor to be onboard!

We had been also filling that a shift was coming for me as well, and we were right. After much prayer and seeking we decided that it was time for me to step down from Destiny Rescue..although a hard decision we knew that was what God was saying. So in November I said goodbye to full time work and hello pouring into my family full time. It has been a huge transition once again and after two months we have began to figure out what life looks like again! This month has been extra busy with a team from Australia here to find out more about what Swat is doing and help revamp and office space as well as a training facility to equip the trainers with! So its been a busy month of traveling to help train rescue staff at other organizations as well as a paintbrush and screwdriver in hand!

So that has been the biggest changes and updates! The other exciting news is we have an opportunity to speak at some churches and events in March so I will be coming home for a month to do that! I look forward to catching up with our monthly partners one on one and raising money for the boys school next year!

We are truly honored to play a part in fighting this be their voice, to stand up against the things that make our stomaches turn. We are also honored that other generous hearts partner with us, refusing to be idle on their watch..knowing there is a war raging in the lives of these innocent kids.

If you feel lead to give to us, all the money will go towards Angie’s plane ticket to go to America in March. You can do so at the Donate button at the top. Either way thanks for reading..we hope you are inspired to put your hand to whatever injustice that is happening that breaks your heart!

For their freedom,

Sam & Angie