Updates and Changes galore!

Happy New Year All!

It has been way too long since we updated you and a lot has happened! Let’s go warp speed shall we?!

Last Summer we had the amazing privilege of spending the summer in America! It was the first time all of us were there since we moved here so it was nothing short of magical and so very much needed! During this time we really felt that The Lord was going to bring something for Sam to serve in  and we were praying into a specific organization, we knew that with all three boys in school it would be more feasible.

When we returned from the States God did exactly that! He answered our prayers and connected us with an organization called SWAT and it was what they were praying for as well! I love when God lines it up! The heart of Swat is to train up rescue agents in self defense and tactics to ensure they are safe when going into the brothels to rescue these kids.

They also train up the girls that have been rescued, teaching them to defend themselves  against an attacker which empowers them to stand up!

Finally, they train up the houseparents that are taking care of the girls. With incredible trauma it can bring up violent outbursts and anger..Swat trains the caregivers on how to restrain a child in non violent ways to ensure the relationship that they works so hard to build stays intact.

Swat works with several organizations all over Asia including Destiny Rescue and its an honor to be onboard!

We had been also filling that a shift was coming for me as well, and we were right. After much prayer and seeking we decided that it was time for me to step down from Destiny Rescue..although a hard decision we knew that was what God was saying. So in November I said goodbye to full time work and hello pouring into my family full time. It has been a huge transition once again and after two months we have began to figure out what life looks like again! This month has been extra busy with a team from Australia here to find out more about what Swat is doing and help revamp and office space as well as a training facility to equip the trainers with! So its been a busy month of traveling to help train rescue staff at other organizations as well as a paintbrush and screwdriver in hand!

So that has been the biggest changes and updates! The other exciting news is we have an opportunity to speak at some churches and events in March so I will be coming home for a month to do that! I look forward to catching up with our monthly partners one on one and raising money for the boys school next year!

We are truly honored to play a part in fighting this evil..to be their voice, to stand up against the things that make our stomaches turn. We are also honored that other generous hearts partner with us, refusing to be idle on their watch..knowing there is a war raging in the lives of these innocent kids.

If you feel lead to give to us, all the money will go towards Angie’s plane ticket to go to America in March. You can do so at the Donate button at the top. Either way thanks for reading..we hope you are inspired to put your hand to whatever injustice that is happening that breaks your heart!

For their freedom,

Sam & Angie