Update! Update! Read all about it!


In just three short months we are believing that our entire family will be on a plane. In fact it just has to be we keep saying! We need to renew our Visas for a year, because they expire early June and so do our passports!

We wanted to update you all..we are finding the largest portion of our trip from Bangkok to LAX for around $750.00 per person! That is a pretty great price. We have about $1500.00 currently towards our tickets which means we need about $3000 to ¬†buy just that part of our trip. This isn’t counting the other smaller lags of our journey or all the costs that it will take to go home. ie. Visas, passports, food, travel etc. Thank GOODNESS our Heavenly Father goes before us and is a good daddy!

Please pray with us that God will provide this money, please pray that we will not worry or stress..that we will remain in faith. If you feel lead to give towards us going home you can give by clicking the Donate button at the top.

Pray that these tickets do not go up! Thank you for standing in faith with us…We will continue to update you all as we go! Please share our blog with friends and family as well!

Ever Grateful, Samm & Angie