We did it! We jumped….sad to leave, thankful to go.

We did it. We jumped off the cliff. Yesterday after much prayer and thought we bought our tickets!!! We will be leaving next Wednesday! I know. I pretty much vomit when I think of this. We had such a great fundraiser and we raised $3,300!! THANK YOU ALL! Thru lots of hands it was done! Thru this all I keep telling God I can’t do this, I am not able, etc. He whispers to me “I know, and I am glad you finally see this.” So there it is. T-7 days. We would love your prayers…Specifically

We have enough funds to get there…that’s pretty much it. We are praying He will show us His glory! We still need $6000 to go. To rent a house and get some sort of transportation figured out, and get the basics like beds, dishes, etc. Seven days to us is nothing…to God he starts at “nothing”.

We are only 30% away from being fully funded monthly! Basically if 12 people gave $50.00 then we would be! Praying for partners that want to see God restore these kids! This will keep us there, to live work and play. Full time missionaries!

Please pray for our family, as you can imagine getting everything ready and trying to tie off loose ends in seven days is hard on everyone. God has been so good to us. We have friends that let us borrow their car so I can get stuff done during the day, friends who have offered to watch kids, clean our house, friends who drop off gifts and groceries. He has taken care of us so well. Thank you again for your love and blessings.

As always you can donate here on our blog…if you would like to be one of the 12 message us! We would love to chat with you! We are anxious and eager to see how He will show Himself fully able!!

Until next time!

Samm & Angie

” Shop 2 Ship Us!” EEEEK!!!

Many of you are probably wondering…”whats the deal with the Platts? Are they here are they in Thailand or….?”

Almost. The fact is this whole-moving-six-people-across-the-earth saga is actually a tremendous undertaking! Who would a thought?! Our entire life has been consumed by this!

But….we have exciting news! Two awesome things really!

First, Sam made his first movie! I know right?! Pretty impressive! Well, technically its not really a “movie” per say, and more like a clip, but still! And technically “he” didn’t make it as much as come up with the idea and did the voice over..but in my book he’s a rock-star! Mad props to Grayson Howard for actually putting it together. The kid is a legend.
Anyways…Please please share it! It’s good and better than that it echos the heart of God…that these kids are right now trapped and waiting to be rescued need us to be their actual voice! God just might be calling you to be involved in someway? I am so proud of him!http://youtu.be/DQ459KvLJQw( click here for link)

Secondly, we are STOKED to announce that this weekend we are having an exciting event at The Crossing!! We call it “ Shop 2 ship us”! All services, all campuses, The Crossing is generously donating ALL the proceeds of whatever You buy at The Shop! You guys this is be AMAZING! They have such cool stuff in there! They have books that will change your life, if you’re not a reader that’s cool..there is jewelry (some even handmade from people in Haiti), tons of sweet apparel, accessories, home goods, and More! Anything you buy goes straight to us to get to Thailand! We are so grateful for this opportunity and are praying it will be incredible! We have quite of money we need to raise so this is such a great way! We will also have a table set up there! We are doing a “different” kind of fundraiser called “Tag that bag” you wont want to miss it! As always you can donate here on our blog too if shopping isn’t your thing. God is good you guys, we have been able to have ringside seats to see His grace and provision! He is setting things in motion in His timing, and we continually look to Him in faith to fulfill His word!
To our sweet sweet friends that have been supporting us in all kinds of ways…THANK YOU! We are all created to live out the dreams He alone puts into our hearts its not an easy thing to go after; so we are grateful for folks who bear the burdens along the way! See you this weekend! We cannot wait to share with you come Monday morning!!