Three years ago we spent the majority of our summer sitting across the table in a local coffee shop with dozens of people. We shared our hearts about the evil of child sex slavery and how it broke our hearts; we shared how we HAD to do something to end it and we asked people if they would step up and do their part as well..becoming a monthly donor.

And most of them said YES. They said yes to a world that kids have dreams in their childhoods and not living a nightmare! Our donors are the reason we are here today. They pray for us when we call out to them. They pray for our family, finances and faith. They pray when we get details of a girl rescued. They are such an integral part of the whole thing.

They are our HEROES. So many times we hear ” wow thats amazing that you would move across the world for that” or “thank you for serving Him like that” Event after event that we have held we hear so many things. Its all coming from a good heart but the most incredible thing we hear and not often is ” I want to help, we want to support you monthly” these are our heroes. The people that move from spectators to active players! Its hard to stay in a fight that is a world a way, a fight that defends faceless children that they will never meet. That takes steadfast courage! To continue to pray Gods heart of justice and mercy into these kids lives! To continue to give each month year after year to someone who can never repay you is real sacrifice!

We applaud our supporters, prayer warriors and donors. This fight is awful and ugly. It takes suiting up from our heads to our toes. The full armor. Even then our hearts can be weary and jaded..and all it takes is someone to text us ” stay in the game guys, you’re making a difference”.  We would say the same to the people that have joined us in the ring. They are heroes in our eyes and we are so grateful to the tribe who month after month continue to stay in the ring and fight with us.

If we don’t who will?

The REAL heroes.