No ordinary God here

When we are living life and we aren’t really seeing Gods amazing power in our lives we tend to assume that He’s probably busy, He’s vacationing in the Tropics or something else. We think only when he comes in and rescues us from our distress that He is really working. This week I did a mini sermon and we had to do it on a bible character that represents a character of God. I chose Esther and how her story represents God’s Sovereignty. The entire book is the essence of who He is in the every day life. There is not one mention of God, or Lord in the entire thing. There is also not a single miracle done, everything is by natural law. Vashti being kicked out, pretty natural. Esther being chosen, she was pretty so that happens. Esther coming to the King. Hard but not impossible.

All this to say is that God works amazing things through ordinary people. In Esther, He works through a drunken husband’s outrageous demand, a beauty pageant, a villain’s hateful and arrogant plot, a king’s insomnia, a king’s absentmindedness, and a boring record. He weaves all of these together and redeems His people from destruction. What if they refused to listen? Refused to stand up for what is right and moral? They would have missed God’s blessing, but God would have found another way to complete His task. He would have used other people or arranged other sets of circumstances. He is always working in the background, pulling things to work for His perfect plan. Even when we don’t see it or even believe it. He is.

The entire Ywam dTS I was waiting and asking God to do an AH HA! Moment. There were many times when I saw Him moving and growing us but it has been a progression. I have seen many things that He has been laying the foundation blocks for. He has changed SO many things in our lives and those are the things I can see! I know there are many more things that He is doing that are happening in the background. God is in the business in turning the ordinary into extra ordinary! I am so glad too because I don’t know about you but next to God I feel pretty darn ordinary! Be encouraged that He is using you and is working out His plans. If you don’t feel like it He still is but maybe check out where He is moving and go there so He can use you! I know that He is so much bigger than our wildest imaginations and every time I try to put Him in a box he shows me He will not be put there. I know now that its all a progress and even when I don’t see Him in the natural working He is always in the under current growing and stretching me to become more and more like Him!

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