Not without you!


As the last week of the lecture phase ends, we are just so grateful for what God has done in our family. We came because God said “go” we did not know all the benefits that He would be blessing us with. How He has been equipping us for future ministries He has called us for. However we are SO excited to go out and give what He has given us so freely…ultimately His never-ending love. We are both so passionate to reach out to those who have no hope, who think that there is no more to life. We want to be a light in this world that is covered with so much darkness!


We graduate on Monday and then they commission us out. Half our team is going to Fiji and the other half is staying here in Matamata and reaching out to the community. We are staying here and know He has called us here! Outreach is sure to stretch us even more! Bring it on!


Many of you have asked if we need things. A lot of you have blessed us SOO much by sending us care packages and you cannot know what that does for us. Stuff is so ridicoulsly expensive here and we had no idea it would be this way. So if you would like to help us, the best and most economical way is donating right here on our blog and it gets to our account. We know He is and will always be our provider. We have seen Him come thru miraculous and nothing can take that away!!! We just buy the basics like diapers and wipes and a few snacks. The thing that really cost is our laundry. It cost 2.00 per load to wash and we try to dry it on the line but it rains quite a bit so it’s another 2.00! Boys are DIRTY!!! That’s just an example.


Prayers would be the most appreciated. If we have learned one thing here it’s that God of heaven and earth listens to our prayers…it’s been so real! Please pray that the boys do ok with outreach, they will be coming and ministering with us. Please keep praying that God has a home for us to live and a job for Samm when we get back. We trust Him in it all!


Last week He came thru in the small ways which sometimes means more. We were needing to buy oatmeal for Cy and Samm said we really couldn’t. The next day a package from Aubrey’s mom came and had a whole bunch of packets of instant oatmeal for Cy just when we needed it!! Then I needed to do laundry and I asked God for money to do it, I said God I wont do laundry until you give the money. Next morning put my pants on and there was a 20.00 bill! I have no idea how that could be there…in tact! I had washed those pants just the week before!! Then we needed a folder to put all our loose paper in and we again were going to buy it and samm said lets just wait…next day a package from a good friend came and she put a letter to us in a folder!!! Just amazing! The small and big things have touched us. I have talked to a lot of people and said that our story has strengthen their faith and some who don’t yet believe have started to question maybe there is a God who loves me…just maybe. It’s just nothing to do with us and everything to do with a God who is insanely in love with His children!


Yesterday was my 30th birthday…I know old lady..blah blah. Birthdays are a big deal to me and I had been thinking how bummed I was to be away from all my amazing friends who spoil me on my birthday and make me feel so special. Then one of the school leaders a month ago said we were going to this Christian adventure camp where there would be all kinds of fun things..On October 7! I see now that was His perfect timing and it made my birthday feel so special for me, maybe a small thing in some ways…but a personal thing to me.

So there you are, if God is tugging on your hearts to pray for us or donate to us you can do so right here. Thank you all for your words of encouragement!! We have never been so stretched in all our lives! We love you all and pray for so many of you all the time!

Till next time!


Love Samm, Angie & the boys!