Its been good…real good.

Hello to all our awesome supporters! I know its been a while so I thought you would like an update. Life is very busy here in Matamata Nz. I mean a lot of people came here and they were thinking they would be getting a rest from life and that defenetly has not been the case. Every week we are getting some amazing teaching that we must then try to process in between life. Its been so challenging and yet life changing. I have never been in a place where we are so open and transparent with one another. Like it’s a lifestyle not just an idea.

The boys are doing really well and we are really working on some things with them and have really assessed our family beliefs and made a whole mission statement on what the Platt family looks like. Our mission statement is:
” You’re a Platt…Lead the way!”
“We will center our lives around God, putting each others needs first. Be kind and humble to everyone.Boldly showing the love of Jesus to everyone we know. We will celebrate success and love thru failures. Ultimetly laying the foundation for many Godly generations”

We then went into what each others gifts are and how they relate to our family as a whole. It was quite an amazing thing to go thru. We made our family verse Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

Only less than three weeks till outreach so we are busy planning and praying about that and desperately seeking Gods power in the city of Matamata. Two other family’s are deciding to go on outreach to Figi, they have older children so it really makes sense.

This week God has been challenging in what my identity is…like what it should be and what it is. So thru the lectures I am learning a lot of things that He has spoken over my life to erase the lies others and myself has spoken over in the past. It quite hard and yet so freeing!

We really would love the prayers of you all. If I have learned one thing sit is Prayer is amazing and it works!! We are about half way done with our adventure here in Nz and I already know that our entire family will shedding a lot of tears. However we are planning and praying and chatting about what life will look like when we go home. So if you would pray for these things we would feel so honored.

Where will we live? Especially when we are getting back onto our feet.
Where will Samm work…we REALLY need wisdom over this..
Finances in general
General direction for the next leap He is calling us to do.
His peace and guidance thru it all.
Praying for outreach!!!

Thank you for not just financial support but how you have covered us in prayer and gotten the word out! We still look at the mountains and think ” are we really in NEW ZEALAND” God has been So faithful and merciful!
Lots of love
Samm & Ang