Tuning in to the voice of God

Hearing Gods word for some seems like a lost art in someway. Most people think” yea sure God speaks to people just not me and definitely not on a regular basis.” However this idea of a far away God only talking to the “chosen” is not biblical and is a lie from the pit. Your heavenly father is possibly trying to speak into your life right now and we are just so busy with our day-to-day lives we are rarely tuned into His frequency. It doesn’t mean He isn’t speaking He most definitely still is and its an amazing thing to hear the voice of your God. I just wanted to share some ideas that we got in class this week when we were talking about hearing the voice of God.

In the Natural

Thru creation. Most of us really feel close to God when we are in His creation, this is not a coincidence. Math 6;28 and Luke 12:24 Jesus tells us to look at Gods creation because it speaks to us about Gods invisible qualities.


Our Natural gifts and abilities.

What am I to do with my life? In Eph 2:10 God says that He has already prepared us for what he has called us to do. Understanding our gifts and what we are meant to do can speak to us about our calling.


Other People

God has many times used others to speak into my life and I knew right away that it was from God. Things that no one else knew about me. We should always seek the counsel of wise leaders and spiritual mentors.



In worship God may wish to speak words of intimacy or give a direction to us. We all know that music is a very powerful thing. Just read the psalms and you will see why. In Acts 13:2 “while they were worshipping and fasting the Holy Spirit SAID….”


Through Supernatural Things


The Bible

The bible is not just a method for hearing the voice of God it’s the very framework we must center all other ways of hearing Him around. God will never speak contrary to the bible. I have found that this is the number one way He speaks to me. When I meditate and dig deeper I find his word comes alive.


Dreams and Visions

There are many examples of dreams and visions thru out the bible. Joseph, Abraham, Peter.


The still small voice

Most people really have a hard time discerning if its Gods or our own and you just need to pray on it and ask for confirmation from Him and all of sudden your ears will pick up certain things or pictures and you are expecting Him to speak to you. Read James 3:17 to see if it stands up.


Remember firstly He wants to speak into your identity. Isaiah 43:4 “you are precious and honored in my sight…I love you” If you ask Him to start speaking to you about your identity he will and you will see that He is good and longs for a relationship with you. I have so much more I want to tell you but I will let you chew on that for a while.


In other news this week has been extra hard we are facing some situations that are difficult and our neighbors who are the only one from the states has chosen to quit and leave so the left today. It was a hard goodbye and we are all trying to sort out things here. Please pray for wisdom and His will to be done here as we are preparing for our outreach. Samm and I have never in our lives been so stretched and pushed into greater things. God has spoken to us about our next step and honestly it frightens me and yet I know He is bigger. We thought we had to dig in for New Zealand, that was nothing. So please pray that God continues to reveal His will for our lives in this season.


Max turned four this week and I really anticipated it being hard because if anyone knows me they know I love to really celebrate my kids on their birthday and its very important to me that it’s their special day. I was feeling homesick and a little down that all his friends and family would not be there bit God showed us even in the little stupid things He is good. Everyone at dinner sang happy birthday and gave him little gifts and made animals out of balloons and its tradition for the father to pray over his son. I cried thru the whole dang thing…God knew that it would mean a lot to me. So in the midst we are carrying on, and seeing Him come alive here. We feel so blessed, thank you all for everything you did and are doing. Thank you for sending us support still remembering that we are relying on Him to fill all our needs. We just cannot find words to express our gratitude. He is so faithful if we step out in faith He is excited to meet us there.


Love ya all Samm and Angie

One thought on “Tuning in to the voice of God

  1. So sorry to hear about the other folks leaving, but I don’t remember that is why you went there.
    Max turned four this week how cool is that. I know you do love to celebrate their lives your kids that is and that just shows me how much you have left the life you grew up in and how you have determined to give your kids what you never had- positive affirmation. Doing what you two are doing is absolutely amazing because you two know this has nothing to do with you and you are doing what Jesus has called you to do. Yes it is hard but you knew it would be but the great thing is you are doing it and with grace( sometimes) but mostly with honor. But showing the boys that things may get hard but you don’t quit, life change does come when you quit.
    I am so that your man of God got to pray over your son cuz all it shows to Max is that you honor him and love him as he is.
    Samm and Angie you both are amazing warriors of God. Were like Gideon hiding in the wine press,but then God told you that you are mighty warriors for God and you believed Him. Wow is I can say.

    love you Two

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