Bringing Gods Kingdom Here.

This week was an amazing week and fortunately for us it was a review of all the principals we have been taught and seen at the Crossing. The church’s focus should not be about worship, prayer, communion. All these things are good and things we should do but what is the mission beyond the worship, sermon, prayer? It really should be a place where anyone who’s not part of your “secret” club should be able to understand. We should always want to be inclusive, wanting everyone to know this Jesus we worship and love. So this week was an awesome review of really being the church, not simply attending a church. Tonight as I was finishing up my journal I wrote a poem..a poem? Angie? Really? I know big shocker..the secret is out..Angie is just a kitten. So here ya are.

Arn’t you Tired?

Arn’t ya tired…?
Tired of the pain
staring at the shame
running from your past
Always finishing last

Arn’t ya tired
of hiding the real you
never knowing who’s who
Staring at the floor
not even caring anymore.

Arn’t ya tired
of making them love you
your crying the nights thru
never being enough
never being loved

Well I know a man
a man unlike any other
who loves like a father
the father you never had

And I know a man
who’s cried all your tears
faced your every single fear
Who loves you without end
your one true, only friend

Do you know a man
who died to know you
crying out to hold unto
a girl He’s loved so long

A man who’s filled up your heart
right from the very start
One who will never let you go,
No…He’ll never let you go.

Angie Platt

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