Exciting News!!

The Platts need to go back to America! We are looking forward to coming home in June. We need to apply for another Thai visa as ours end in June, we will be doing some more fundraising and awareness and after being away from family and friends for almost two years our family is excited to come home and see our loved ones! We are counting down the months!

We need to raise around $10,000 for flights, visas, food etc. We have become used to just simply relying on Him to provide for us in everyday life and this is just another thing that we are trusting He will do. Can I be honest for a second…reaaally honest? We really wish there was a money tree that would allow us to serve God over here without relying on Him to nudge others to believe in what we are doing so they will give. Research says that the word money is the fourth most emotional word in the english language …I believe it! It evokes all kinds of emotions and thoughts. We just want to be open with you all that this is something that isn’t our favorite thing to do, but we know it’s necessary to be here on the ground!

We are BLESSED (and when I say that word I am not exaggerating) with people that have jumped on this cause and said ” I want to do something”. Our friends back home have put on a few different events that have been raising money. One of the bigger events is this:12620455_10153399624081964_1744537161_oWe Would love to see you there! Remember you can buy tickets on penniesforplatts.weebly.com or just purchase them at the door. There are some exciting silent auctions being put together as well! Oh and more thing..PLEASE share and invite your friends! We want to thank all the people that have been working hard pulling it all together, if you have an idea for fundraising please send us an email we would love to hear it! We have also set up a Delta SkyMiles account if you have skymiles you would like to donate to get us home!

Ever grateful!

Love the Platt Family