I’ve gotten over the fear of the “Ask”. I really truly cannot believe I am typing those words.


All my life I have been “self reliant” which I now know is no such thing. I moved out on my own before I graduated High School, I paid my way, I got married at 19 and we paid for the entire wedding ourselves. We got cars, stuff, a house..and every penny was on “our own”. In fact I think we took pride in the fact that we did it, never asked mom and pop for a dime and never received one either. Then New Zealand happened….and has had the last four years of my life spinning upside down and completely changed everything we knew about God, self-reliance and most important PRIDE. He showed us HE has it all. ALL. All can only ever mean all.


He showed us that He is the one who takes care of each one of us in the degree He decides. That trusting Him fully is the scariest and most freeing action step you will ever take. Oh MY yes it is! That when you give or sell literally pretty much every article of anything you ever owned and He shows up and blows your mind to bits, it becomes clear who’s BOSS.

I have right now 10 Tupperware totes in a friend’s garage to my name. In these totes are dishes, important papers and pictures. This is what I own after 33 years of walking this earth. TEN measly totes some would say. What you can’t see is a lifetime of seeing His glory in just 4 short years. Seeing the Miraculous. Seeing my FATHER. Feeling and knowing I am in His calling. Watching my kids see Him move the day after we pray a prayer. Seeing REAL captives set FREE in Jesus NAME! Watching darkness crumble to the floor like it never was. Seeing a tangible garment of HOPE on a body once beaten and exposed. I am FILTHY stinkin RICH.


SO here’s why I am no longer afraid of the “ask”. As missionaries you take the verse “ you have not because you ask not” Literally. I am not asking on behalf of me, I am not even asking on behalf of all the girls that need hope. I am always asking on behalf of God, this is His business plan. I am a vessel willing to work for Him. I ask because my Boss said, “Go”…and it takes that paper stuff to do so.


God has done more cool things in the past two weeks than I can even share on here (but oh I will soon). We are just $550.00 away in our monthly goal. That literally means 11 people giving 50.00 dollars a month, 12.50 a week! That keeps us in Thailand with a roof, food, car, expenses and more! Living what He has told us to do. If this sounds like a plan to you, our donate button right on our blog will help you do so!


We would love to have coffee with you and share if this is on your heart to support us, heck even if it isn’t we’d grab coffee with you and brag about this incredible God we worship and serve! He meets us right where are, doesn’t he!?


Don’t be afraid to tell the world what He has done…it’s the only HOPE they have.0007169143313_500X500

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