We are the Platt family! An ordinary family, really; two parents and four kiddos. We are passionate about justice, grace, coffee and people…and because of those things, God led us to Thailand last September. A place we would have been hard pressed to locate on a globe, to be honest.

Thailand is a place absolutely full of beauty and kindness and honor, but also a place where children are SOLD and raped daily. That sentence should make you cringe. The words children and rape should never be in the same sentence. We simply could not handle that this was happening all over the world. We simply could not just sit there waiting for someone else to jump in.

So we jumped. We moved to Thailand to work with Destiny Rescue. We rescue, restore and reintegrate these girls with the power of Jesus. There is NOTHING like seeing these precious faces come to life when they finally start to see the glimmer of their worth.

You know the saying, “One person can change the world”? Well, that is simply not true. ONE person can’t change the world — no matter how driven, passionate or succesful. It takes many, many people to come alongside that “one” person, and together they can attempt Mt. Everest. Each of us does our part so the world changes.

Moving to Asia is probably not in your five-year plan right? It’s way too hot here, anyways! However, if your heart is broken by what is happening here and you feel the need to do something, you’re in the right place — right where you are, at your computer.

You can support us; financially, prayerfully, and with wisdom and encouragement!

In order to live and work and raise our gaggle of children here, we are 100% supported by friends like you. Imagine wondering every month if your passionate, loving supporters will follow through so your family can thrive in a foreign country! It’s kinda crazy, but we are trusting our Awesome God to take care of us!

It helps us immensely when you set up your donation to happen automatically every month. From $200 down to $20, every gift you send literally means a meal for our kiddos or gas in our vehicle. Setting up your support is simple. Just click the DONATE button at the top of this page, and follow the simple steps.

For our part, we’ll send you a newsletter and updates! You will see what Destiny Rescue is doing every month! Just last week we rescued 28 girls. ONE WEEK. 28 GIRLS. WHOA! No other organization is rescuing at the rate of Destiny Rescue, and you can be a part of it. Follow @Destiny_Rescue and @AngPlatt on Instagram for rescue reports and a glimpse of our life.

We are more grateful than you’ll ever know, to have you partner with us. We hope you are as excited as we are to fight for these girls…together.

Samm & Angie

Tessa, Cyrus, Eli & Max


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