You walk into a room, there are several chairs situated around the room. Not a soul in sight, so you look around to which chair you will take your seat. There are a few wooden chairs, a wooden rocking chair, and a recliner. Which chair will you naturally choose? If you are like most my guess is the recliner or whichever chair looks the “comfiest”. This is not an exception either. In our culture we are always choosing the most comfortable choice. We try on bed after bed looking for the perfect one. So much that we have a remote to give us the best comfort possible. We shop for cars and unless we have to we only choose a car that is comfortable. Case in point? The invention of the Snuggie! Now none of these “comforts” are bad..per se. All except the Snuggie I can understand…however there becomes this mindset that we are afraid of being uncomfortable that as Christians we cannot afford to surrender to.

We want it all. The American dream. The job, the family, the church, retirement…but sometimes we are unwilling to become uncomfortable to reach these goals. Especially when it comes to going after God. We want to ask Him for His blessings, His favor, and His glory in our life. However are we willing to give it all up, or even half of it? We think if we jump off the edge for Jesus that it too scary and we can’t give up the things that “comfort” us. Not even knowing that when we give those things up we sign up for a life that yes is uncomfortable but also is fully alive and finding your true purpose in Him. To find Him, really find Him and be in His presence and see Him move there is apart of us becoming uncomfortable. That will look different for everyone, but I know that our God honors obedience. So He will show you what that looks like for you.


BUT Man I am thankful He brought me to an uncomfortable place..

All of it, because it has already brought me so much closer to my creator. I am depending on Him for all of life’s needs, for Him to go to bat for me! He is speaking to me t
hat when I remain uncomfortable for Him, I remain truly comforted by Him. I cannot tell you the times that I have wept just feeling his presence wherever I am.

I promise you there is something you can get uncomfortable in. Maybe its just praying for a stranger at Target, maybe it’s to tithe, maybe it is selling everything and letting Him take your destiny. I have no idea. I do know that it is worth every tear, every worry. To know Him there is nothing nothing nothing like it. Embrace sitting in that hard wooden chair…the view is so much more amazing.

I hope that this inspires you, not anything but inspire. This is my PASSION to see His kids live out their destiny; one uncomfortable decision after another!

Take a seat.