15, 9, 7, 3


You have probably seen these posts on my Facebook account or maybe even you repost it. The numbers every week. 15, 9, 4 17…number of the rescues that week. What you haven’t seen is their faces, hear their laughs, or know their story. Each girl that has been rescued is represented by these numbers. I wanted all of you to know they are not just numbers they are lives. Even for me who sits and talks with them every day it’s hard to believe what they have come out of. What they have over come! There is this one certain girl that works at the café where I do all my work. She is smart, bright and sassy. A girl I can relate to! Although she is young I can see Gods hand all over her life. I see how her and the others braid their hair, apply lip-gloss, and fuss over teenage acne behind the counters. I see their story. Then in the midst of me praising Jesus for all He is doing, Destiny Rescue staff sit around me each engrossed in their laptops as they do their part in the story. Some that are working on all the media things you see, some who are the rescuers that physically get the girls out, some who have English lessons with the girls everyday…no matter who they are or what part they play they all represent a piece of who Jesus is.


They have sacrificed much, loved well and chose to keep going when faced with the tough stuff of living in a foreign land. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of what Jesus did for each one of us on the cross. He sacrificed everything, He loved us without boundaries, and He left all His comforts of heaven to live in a foreign land. That’s what I see everyday. I see Jesus…as He is. The lover of our souls, wishing that we all would do life with Him, that we would all get uncomfortable so that another can feel the love and grace that is ours to own. Heaven is waiting with bated breath for the next soul…to say yes to God, to be completely engulfed in His amazing freedom.


He knows our name. We are not just a number to Him. I don’t wish that these girls are just numbers to you, they represent everything Jesus is.


Go do something that scares you today, remembering that it might just change another’s destiny.

I saw Jesus today