This journey has left us both speechless of Gods goodness and also challenged by the things that have happened. When the awesome God moments come along we try and share them with all of you to encourage you in your walk with Him and to urge you to trust Him for bigger things in your life. We can’t wait to share with you what He has just done…

So one of the challenging things that we have been experiencing is finding a car, it’s been on our prayer lists and we have been praying for this since we came here. Right now we are borrowing a DR car that we shall say is a tight fit…but we have been extremely grateful for it. The car search has been literally nothing.. We budgeted for a certain amount to find out you really can’t get anything for this amount except maybe a little two door car. The cars here don’t lose their value so you basically get kind of a junky for about 3-4000. Honest. So the guy that actually found our house, which we are eternally grateful for texted Samm, a picture and info on this truck he found. It’s a 1990 Suzuki truck, its in pretty good shape, has over 300,000 miles on it but its very spacious and it’s a diesel so it will cost less to drive. We called them on Friday and they had already showed it to someone that night and they had given them until Monday to make a decision so we would have to wait at least till then to find out. So we gave it to Jesus.

In the meantime let me fill you in on a wish we have had in the back of our head since three years ago when we found about Thailand…some might have heard about the famous Lantern Festival.. It’s this beautiful amazing festival that people have on their bucket list. Where 10,000 lanterns are released into the night sky to symbolize letting go of your problems and worries. It’s so magical and beautiful and well we have secretly wanted to go for a long time. I was looking last week about it and realized it was this coming weekend in Chaing Mai.


We realized something… that God was possibly orchestrating this whole thing, that He was that good…Here’s why..

The car we loved is ..

  1. A truck in less than our budget..this is unheard of normally, they tell us.
  2. The truck is sold by other Christian missionaries (a great thing since they speak English)
  3. The truck is in the same city as the festival
  4. The time we would go is this weekend also the exact same time as the festival

It seemed too perfect. Too good to be true. But what about these other people that were probably planning on buying the truck…

So Samm looked at a car on Friday that was a two-door teeny tiny clown car. I called it that because I imagined our big ole family coming out of the car one by one..ya know like the clown cars in the circus. Either way it was a car and it was in our budget. So he went to drive it got two blocks and it ran out of gas. Like literally stopped…Ok Jesus we won’t buy that car.

Then Monday comes and Samm is literally bartering (as best as one can when they speak no Thai) he was thinking about getting this other car that would literally eat up our entire budget for a car. I at that exact moment got a phone call from THE truck owners saying” So really cool thing, the people who saw our truck are very much wanting to buy it but they felt all weekend that God wanted you to buy it, that your family is supposed to have it so if you still wanted it they are willing to let you have it but if not they are ready to buy it today..ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Who does that? Well turns out the said buyers are Christians too. WOW. Like holy WOW. HE IS GOOD!

So we are going to Chiang Mai on Friday to buy a truck that someone passed up because God said so on the weekend we have been dreaming about for years on a budget that is less than what we had intended…HUH??

I have shared this story to several people here and they are literally astonished, the price alone is a GOD thing!

But as it is written, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Cor 2:9

Believe Him for the goodness you are seeking, let your feet wander unto unknown territory that your faith raises up to a new level. He has good things, even though they are hard things they are for our good..Trust Him.

Go do something Crazy for Christ!

Love the Platt’s

You simply can’t make this stuff up!