The Big Secret…

I think its safe to say we as Christians go along in life praying and asking Him for things that we think will make us happy or create the life we have always thought would fulfill us. Many times our prayers go unanswered, leaving us frustrated and confused. Maybe He does answer it but ultimately leaves us empty and unfulfilled.

We read the scripture “trust the Lord God with all your heart” in proverbs. We have heard it a million times. Problem is the putting into practice part…well that’s really hard! What does it look like to actually trust a God who we know loves us and is bigger than anything? Somewhere along the path of adulthood we have forgotten what trusting would actually look like…

Trusting God, your maker looks like how you trust a bridge when you are driving over it…maybe you’re like me and don’t actually even trust bridges. How about every time you drive your car you trust that the breaks will work when you need them to, so much that you are not thinking “gee I wonder if these breaks are going to give out” every time you stop. Funny how we trust a hunk of metal made by man than a God who made man?! This kind of trust comes from somewhere; it comes from a place of knowing the one you put your trust in. Knowing that He no matter what is good. That He desires to have the kind of relationship with us like He did with Adam, where they walked and talked. Once you really understand who He is and that He has characteristics and feelings, It’s a lot easier to trust Him…but it’s still hard sometimes.

Trust me..I know! Not just getting here or raising all the money to stay here. No no no those are the insane things that I have to trust Him with; there really isn’t another choice. But I find myself here..wrestling daily with trusting Him for so many things big and little.

I started to take note of them, because I was overwhelmed and also a bit surprised that I was struggling to A. let go of ALL control and B. trust Him with so much daily things. I literally walked around these last few weeks out loud saying to Him in these moments “ No God I trust you, you made the earth” or “ I choose to trust you because you made the ocean” I know I am crazy, but it helps give me perspective.

Just a few things:

  • Riding on the back of a motor bike in a foreign country with crazy traffic, “ I choose to trust you Jesus”
  • Going to eat at several dodgy places where you know the Dept. of health would shut down in a second, watching all four of my kids take spoonful’s.
  • Every time we get into that tin car with Tessa on my lap and my boys riding in the back, no seatbelts or airbags. Again with the crazy traffic. My husband is such a good Asian driver.
  • When I see spiders as big as my hand in the shower, yea all trust went out the window as I screamed in panic for samm.
  • Living in a neighborhood where you stand out as much as Frosty the Snowman would.
  • Looking at buying a car and seeing that they do not lose their value here and so that makes them double what you budgeted for. Currently trusting Him for that.
  • Afraid of mosquitoes that carry dengue and Malaria.
  • Afraid Tessa will drink too much of the water here and get sick.
  • Seeing people having to stop supporting us due to something in their lives


It’s a choice to actually trust Him. I choose it because His track record is good. If you gave your life to Jesus, than actually give it to Him. He will fulfill you. Your life can have meaning and purpose. You know deep down that you were made for so much more. You’re just afraid to trust Him.

Don’t be. That’s exactly where the enemy wants you, afraid to step out and see that Jesus is more than enough and trustworthy. If he can lie to you about Gods goodness than he can keep you from fulfilling your destiny in this world. I’ve been saying it all along; we are no different from you. We simply started to take Jesus at His word and see if He really is who He claimed to be.

Guess what. He totally 100% is.

Go do something scary!

Love The Platts

Go do something scary!

Love The Platts

6 thoughts on “The Big Secret…

  1. Wow…talk about this message hitting home. Thank you for writing this, friend. Thank you for trusting the Father. Thank you for setting the example for the rest of us. He’s sooo proud of you and Samm. I can just feel His pleasure over y’all. I’m in my own process with this as He’s teaching me to discern His voice…and His alone with these panic attacks. My counselor is so being used by the Holy Spirit and she’s climbing this hill with me and Jesus and I’m just so thankful for her wisdom. Alright, I’m praying for y’all. Love you, girl. See you in Thailand someday. 🙂

    • I am so glad it spoke to you! I pray that you have the courage to step out onto uncharted waters holding His hand the whole way! He wants to use you!
      xxx Samm & Angie

    • we have prayed that He would send us the last 100 so we can buy a bed!! such an answer! we bought one this weekend and LOVE it. Thank you for your continued faithfulness!!!!

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