There isn’t a life out there that hasn’t had to whether the storms in life. We have two choices when we go thru the storms of life..and one of them is NOT to opt out of storms. Jesus said, “ In this world you will have troubles.” So that much is guaranteed. I believe Peter walking on water is such a picture of what life looks like when we do both of the choices. When he begins this miracle He fixed His eyes on Jesus, he took the first step, which is always the hardest one when you walk out your faith..Looking at his Savior, did he see himself walking on the water and think, “ ahh I can do this, I can walk on water..” Then as soon as the storm began he took his eyes off Jesus and onto His fear, I can’t walk on water that’s craziness! Two choices, to go in His strength or flex our own measly muscles.

                                                           Even when He humbles us He is so gentle.

I cannot tell you how much I relate to Him in this season of my life. The moment I took my eyes off Jesus, just for a moment here..I began to sink. It has become VERY clear to me that I can do nothing apart from His strength. That Philippians 4:13 is the real deal and I need to cling to that as my lifesaver. When I have 36 emails, 12 interviews, 8 meetings and heaps of people who I want to know, encourage and be friend…and then split that with being a mom to 4 children that need their mom non stop, being a wife and a friend to all of you overseas…oh Jesus can I just sit on your lap and hear what you have to say? Sometimes it’s the quiet love of our God in our souls that gives us the boldest strength. His well never runs dry, we can scoop as much as we want and drink from that! It’s a good thing too because my well compared to His is a Dixie cup!

Want to encourage you, if you are sinking…go to Him. Everyday. How can we pour out our lives unto others if He isn’t filling you up? You won’t be pouring out long and it won’t be good tasting stuff either. If we are walking with our Savior closely, than we should resemble Him in everything we do, more grace for others, more love, more peace and when I see myself in Chaos City I know right quick that I haven’t soaked with Jesus very much.

This was from my devotion recently..

“If we take our eyes off Him and stare at the storm, at the danger, we will surely sink. We will never go to the millions trapped in the darkness suffering abuse, disease, famine, injustice, loneliness or hopelessness.”

Lets tattoo this one on our hands and feet to remind us that when we are His hands and feet to a dying world we need to remember whose strength we must go in..

 I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13images

My Dixie cup muscles…