This is getting CRAZY!

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love” Mother Teresa

I wanted to take a minute to share our heart on why and how we came to be so passionate about the trafficking of little girls and boys into brothels. I have known for as long as I can remember that this was going on in Thailand not the details but the big picture. It was something I just ignored like when you change the channel on the starving kids in Africa advertisements, I would say awe that’s sad and move on. I wanted to care enough to see myself as “caring and compassionate” but not enough to do something or inconvenience myself in any real or tangible way. The problem was I started to read my Bible…. A clear theme began to emerge Faith and love were always attached to an action. Jesus told Peter “do you love me” after peter responded yes he said “then feed my sheep” love = action. So it began to become clear that when I felt sad for these people it wasn’t enough, If  the love of God is in me then it has to come out in an action, so we began to give money to organizations that fight human trafficking in Thailand, and when we did we naturally cared more and researched more and learned story’s! God is not interested in our money, or even our talents or time. He wants to change our hearts and in the process of reaching out to others and living out our faith for real, it slowly changes us from spectator to player! It’s life changing for the giver and the receiver!

Thirteen rescues this week! Wow just take a moment to let it soak in, in one weeks time 13 girls have the chance to get hope for the first time in a long time, its a stark reminder of why we are going to do this. It’s also a reminder if you are giving towards it this is the why, as these 13 girls are told about Jesus and His love and Grace for them, as they experience his loving forgiveness the world will change. We have to remind ourselves of this all the time sometimes daily when you get into the details and discouragements that come with becoming overseas missionary’s we need to constantly remind ourselves why we are doing this. It is to see people set free in every meaning of the word free. When we hear the story’s of the recent graduating class of girls and the life change that the workers have seen in them from when they came in until now is incredible! I want to encourage you that if you are reading this blog and following us, why? Does it break your heart? Are you moved by the story’s? Is if so we want to encourage you to give, to us or to others fighting trafficking. Advocate, volunteer but please if you find an interest in your heart and if you are bothered by the thought of children in brothels you must do something!

We have to be out of our house by September 1st. There is still a lot to do, a lot to be raised, and a lot of prayers to be said. We though, everyday thank Him for all the progress made! We are almost 45% monthly funded so we can live and work there! How awesome!! Right now our next step that we need to do as soon as we can is buy plane tickets! The awesome thing is that we received an email saying our ticket prices have dropped over 200 per ticket and it’s a good airline! Only God can do this! So, this is where we need everyone’s help! No matter what the dollar amount! We have to raise $5000.00 for tickets… we have already raised $2800.00! We only need to raise $2,200! We are praying that the tickets do not jump up in price! If you feel compelled to give please do so right here on our site by clicking the donate button! We know He is using others to complete His mission..all around the world! Thank you all for standing with us, and being a part of something bigger than ourselves!! Grateful doesn’t begin to explain it!

In His Grip
Samm & Angie