Grab your Guns!

I recently heard about Jesse James and the James Younger gang and found an interesting local connection. The gang had been stealing from people for years in Missouri, trains banks rich people in their houses they would ride into town, seven strangers with guns, they would go to the bank and in broad daylight and rob the bank by force and leave before a posse could be assembled. They tried that once in Minnesota and learned a valuable lesson about Minnesotans, you see where people in other cities waited until the sheriff or someone official came to organize a resistance the residents of Northfield without a seconds thought ran for their guns and ran to the bank to stop the bank robbers not thinking about the fact that there are seven armed and seasoned fighters there, each person just went. Only two people from Jesse James gang made it out of Minnesota alive. The parallel’s for today are many. The truth is when most people hear that children are being sold into slavery and being raped for money it is too easy to assume someone else will do something, of course when we do that just as in the wild west, the bad guys win. But as it was then so it is now, its not good enough to think about helping you actually need to DO something! People are calling us and texting us asking us what they can do to help they don’t say its too much for one person to do they just say “what can I do?” and as we all do that, we can stop the evil right now right were it is.
As requested we will have set up a progress bar that we will update often showing in dollars and in a visual how close we are to our goal as more and more people step up and join God in what he is doing here. Our goal to raise is 16,500 which includes plane tickets and transportation visa’s, work permits, a moped to get around and things like beds and sheets for when we are there. The first thing people think when they hear the number is I can’t help with that but just as Jesse James learned in that bank while he was outnumbered and outgunned all that has to happen is everyone has to do what they can to stop the evil. We are constantly humbled by all the help and love we have received, our first donation was from a single mom before we ever asked for money she said here I know you will need this, wow she gets it. If God is moving your heart I ask that you would give as he leads and as you do, we will celebrate together as God fills in the rest. So far we have raised about $3000 towards”to go” fund and we are already are 37% monthly funded by people who are willing to give sacrificially! AWESOME! We will be out of our house by September 1, so please be praying that we will be fully funded and ready to go! We got Tessa’s passport ready and now are in the process of applying for work visas and we are stoked! Thanks so much for being a part of this, for praying for us and supporting this vision that God has given us to end this horrible thing now.

What area in your life have you wondered where God wants to use you? There is something that you were created for. He has a purpose and a plan, we hear that so much we don’t believe it or begin to ask what it could be! I challenge you to take tiny baby steps of faith…and see how He will bless it!

In his grip
Samm and Angie

p.s. The easiest way for us to keep track and process your giving is the donate button on this page or as always you may contact us and we can process any type of request.