Miracles along the way…

This last week has been incredibly successful! We have been raising support to go, raising monthly support and creating awareness about what’s happening through Destiny Rescue! We wanted to update you all on a few things!

So far we have raised $2,356 toward our “To Go” budget! Praise God! We were able to get Tessa’s passport this week! Thank you! We are excited to purchase our plane tickets and work visas, and we are approximately $6,000 from being able to do that! This is the first goal we need to meet. If we look at all of this with our natural eyes, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. NUTS!! We simply cannot use our natural eyes. We have to see God behind every miracle. We know that our God starts just as the roadblock of impossible is in view…

Speaking of impossible… in just three days, we went from not a single monthly sponsor to being 25% the way funded! FOR REAL!!! How awesome is HE? Even our kids are getting to see God work! Eli had tears in his eyes when I was telling him how God is working!
Not to say there aren’t days that we are soaked in fear, treading water… even then He is faithful when we are not.

When a need is presented before us, we usually think one of two things: 1) My measly amount won’t help, OR 2) we say “Someone else will pay that.”

Those are lies. It’s simply not true. With any need, it is a tool that changes lives all around the globe. When the hungry are fed, the sick get medical care, the homeless find shelter, it’s all because someone sowed into it. We don’t have some rich uncle (not that we know of anyways). It just takes many doing what they can. It takes people sowing in faith.

Our first donor was a single mom of three. She had just moved across the country, and she had no job or no home to call her own. She handed me a hundred dollar bill. I knew in that moment she was giving out of her need, not out of her abundance. Tears came to both of us. We knew God was doing something in our hearts.

The next several donors were two more single moms. The next, a woman that called us and wanted to support us monthly. Even though her husband isn’t a believer in Jesus — they both believe in the mission! On Friday night, a bunch of elementary kids made silly bands to sell, and they made $167 and donated it all to us! We have been blown away already. We have seen that we don’t look to people to provide, but to our God, who moves the people’s hearts.

Everyday we are humbled. It’s hard to receive a gift, knowing we cannot repay it. What we can do is live out our calling as you live out yours. As we do, we are praying blessing over each one of you.

Thank you to those who have already committed to us and given to us. To those we know are praying daily for us, it is everything to walk with people that want to make Jesus known in every heart. We cannot wait to see how He is going to orchestrate the rest of our journey and show off His glory. Let all of our faith be strengthened!!

In His grip,
Samm & Angie