Over and Above

We are home. Finally we are here! The plane ride was long and exhausting but the good news was we prayed we could an extra seat and we actually ended up getting two all in the same row! We arrived at midnight last sunday so we no have been  home for over a week! We are staying with a couple from our church and we will be renting from some close friends of ours. We are eager to get into our new place. There has been many God providing stories for us along the way and it has humbled us now more than ever and we are so grateful for what God has been doing in our lives. It has been nice to come home with so many of you welcoming us and making us feel like home. There is so much Id love to write about but honestly we have been processing so much lately. We wanted to share the ways God has been blowing our minds!

So three weeks before we were to leave we had run out of money and we felt God really wanted us to stay so we asked God to provide if He wanted us to stay. So the next day one of the directors came and told us and said ” the rest of your stay is paid for” I just started weeping!!

A few days later we knew that we would need to come up with $150.00 to go to the airport so we just asked God to provide. The next day the same  person came up and said ” by the way your ride to the airport is covered” Again SO amazing.

4 days before we were to fly home we still had no temporary place to live or a permanent place. We had 5.43 in our bank account and we had to spend a lot of time in airports the next 24 hours. Again we just asked God…becasue we got really good at relying on Him even in the toughest of situations.

A friend emailed me and said that she had gotten us a groceries gift card for when we came home. She had also gotten us a Target one so we could get some xmas gifts for our boys ans some gas money for our car. I read the email to samm and just cried. I was so touched by the love of the Father. So touched.

The next day we started getting a little worried about how we could go thru the airports with NO money. Got another email from a friend saying she just put some money in our account for the airport! Only God knew what our need was!

So now we are home…and His amazingness (a word?) has not stopped. A friend got me a gift card to get my hair cut nad colored..what a joy when you havent even been able to dream about that!!

Good friends of ours is buying a home that we will be able to rent from them and we are waiting for that to close!

Its been the little things too. Like ive been wearing the same tennis shoes and I was thinking id love to get a pair of shoes but they are all in storage..next day a friend showed up with a cute pair of flats for me..

A few days ago a friend  called me and said she had a gift for me. I opened a card and there was $300.00 to cover some bills we needed to pay. Again she had no clue about this. God does though.

yesterday the people we are staying with gave us two bags of brand new toys that she got thru her work to give to our boys for Xmas!

yesterday a friend asked me she could give us cash and watch the boys so we could go get some winter clothes for the boys.

There are a few more things. All of this to Boast on the one true God that cares about every detail of our lives. He asks that we put Him first and walk in obedience, He does the rest. We are in a place of relying on Him. Samm hasn’t started work yet and we have never had to be in this place of total dependency on Him, while it is a frightening place to be we also have peace.

A year ago you could have never convinced me what would take place and I would have told you I don’t have that kind of faith…and its true I didn’t. God gives us the faith…we just have to take one step at a time. So this Christmas looks very diffrent…we are daily humbled. We are constantly giving Him the glory. Coming home has not been a piece of cake, but in this place of keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus I can truly celebrate His birth this Christmas. What an Awesome privilege!!

One thought on “Over and Above

  1. I am so delighted (but unsurprised) to see God shining His goodness and mercy adn provision upon you faithful daughters and sons of the Most HIgh God. he lvoes you very muhc, I also love that you take no glory yourself and hand it to Him who deserves it…..very wise and humble of you. Your journey with Him is just begun He has big things for you. I still believe for your healing too. May God bless you more and more and more and take you even deeper with Him this coming year, as deep cries out to deep. I also say – we shall meet again you and I. I sense it. Much lvoe and many hugs, please keep bringing Him the glory dear ones.

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