Trying not to panic!


This walk of being a Christian is never what you think it will be. There are twists and turns where you thought the path would be straight and straight paths where you envisioned bumps on the road. Everyone is given a different measure of faith and to each we are asked to exercise that amount. Samm and I have had the pleasure and also the challenge to do just that. We thought when we got to Nz that it was exhausting to trust and press in that much to believe Him on His word, to know God is only good. We thought “ God I can’t imagine living my entire life believing like that, living on the edge”.  I search my concordance and there are literally hundreds of verses concerning that one little word…FAITH. The one that has stuck out to both of us is  “Without Faith it is impossible to please God” Hebrews 11:6 that there should always be something that we are trusting Him for, that we are really exercising that faith muscle. We wanted to let all our friends and supporters know what we are having to use faith for in this season.


We assumed when we got home that we could relax a little and not have to “trust” him so big. That a house would already be available or someone would offer to let us stay. That Samm would have a job to go back in some kind of ministry and that we would have money even just a little to get us groceries and gas. Needless to say God is defiantly having us trust Him for every one of those things. Every single one. Although we are only 4 days away from coming home two things come to mind. One is I remember His faithfulness, last time it was literally eight hours and he did a miracle! Two is we know this is part of the journey; He knew it would all shake out this way…so we keep choosing to trust Him. However it doesn’t make it easier, we are afraid and out of peace and wishing we knew what was going to happen. We have a family and have never lived this way before!! That’s why it’s a CHOICE especially times like this. When He brought us here Yes he did do a miracle but you know what? He used people to be his vessel. When you get a timely encouraging word from a friend out of the blue, you know its God but it’s still a person. He is constantly moving thru His people that is the primary way He chooses to use us. Our prayer is that there are people out there right now reading this and God is tugging on your hearts to do something.


Will you please be praying for us? I know many of you do and thank you so much. Please pray that we will be taken care of and ask God if you are supposed to help support us? If so the donate button is right where it has always been! That He will give us wisdom on what to do. That provision will be there.  In a weird kind of way it’s an honor to be able to trust Him like this, because when He is ready we get to see His hand on our lives and that is an honor. We will be posting when we know more and when God takes care of it all, we are so so blessed by all of you.


Love Samm & Angie