So you wanna help??

Many of you ask how you can help…the obvious answer is giving and praying.

A lot of you are already so there are a couple of things we are asking.

1. Our house just finally sold!! Hurray!! This is a great and awesome thing! However we are in need of a place to stay. We close here on June 27th. So less than a month, until we leave. I know we are a family of five and that’s a lot of people so please pray and ask God first. We are  trusting Him again on this. Thank God its summer…maybe the county park is an option. KIDDING!

2. Please pass the word around. However you pass stuff on these days, facebook, Blogs, emails, twitter just plain ole talking is good. We Need to sell some of our big stuff. Entertainment center, couch, chairs, dressers, john deere lawn mower. We do not want to store this stuff.  We have no room!

3. Please be praying for us. We are just a tad bit stressed and trying to remain calm under it all. We know you are…we have some that have a certain time of day that pray for us everyday. We feel it!

This can only, always ever be about Jesus. It really has nothing to do with the Platt’s, you are not giving to us, you are furthering His kingdom.


Samm & Angie