My lil Men.

So most of you have heard me bragging about how funny my kids are. Right? Well this is one of those times. So if you don’t like that go ahead and go back to whatever it was you were doing. For the rest of you thanks for stopping by.

My kids are how shall I say this…challenging? No. Lets just say they have a will and know how to use it. However they are also the sweetest and really amazing boys this side of the river. Like today…

I was cleaning my kitchen listening to Eli & Max in the backyard playing. They were standing on our retaining wall and “swording” each other. Max got Eli pretty good and said “Ha! take that Devil” Eli (apparently didn’t want to play this whole good vs. evil game) said ” Max!! I don’t want to be the Devil!” Max says ” too bad I called Jesus first”. Then I hear him jab him again(right after I told him NO JABBING.) He says even louder ” That’s for making my mom cry and making her worry about New Zealand!”  Wow.

Now we are pretty open with our kids. We pray about it and we tell them what “faith” is. As if we know.  At that moment I started to cry and knew that my almost four-year old understood it. Even perhaps better that we do. I did not grow up in a christian home, it sucked and was insane. So when I see my kids “get it” its an amazing-super-proud-my-God-rocks kind of moment. Thought I’d share it. It definitely put a smile on my face. Thank God we get to start over with our lives and have the option to make different choices. Thank God his mercies are new every morning. Thank God for spunky lil boys that take after their mama.


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