Another confirmation…just in time.

Yesterday before church, I went downstairs and thought I’m just going to get  alone with God..which with three boys is a RARE and beautiful thing. I started to journal and pour my heart out to The Father and grabbed my bible…(as soon as I did this I got 3 text messages and 2 phone calls) rather annoyed I turned my phone off. No I wasnt annoyed at you, I was annoyed I couldn’t get in the word that’s all. Anyways I prayed a VERY specific prayer that went like this. ” God I’m nervous and scared I need you to confirm it again. God I pray that TODAY you would have me read, see or hear the words New Zealand, then I would know.” Now that might seem weird but honestly when you are doing MAJOR soul surgery you need something to carry you thru the next valley you will be in. So I went to church we did our sunday small group and we came home.

Now every night we have been reading ” Is that really you God?” by Loren Cunningham the man who started YWAM 3o years ago in Hawaii.  It’s an amazing story how he came to know the voice of God all his life. I highly recommend this book! I didn’t want to read it, which is weird because normally I cannot wait until this time of night…kids in bed, us snuggled up reading together and then praying together, its awesome! However I was all like “nah” and Samm was all like yea just one chapter. So like the good submissive wife..ahem…I did. We were almost done with the chapter and I read one of the last paragraphs.

” I had no way of guessing that the launch pad we’d been looking for would turn out to be located in a tiny country halfway around the earth called New Zealand.”

The moment my eyes read New Zealand I bursted into tears. I’d forgotten that I had even asked Him for that it was almost 10:00. I wept and told Samm and he was just amazed and in awe of what He was doing. The way it hit me I just knew. We prayed and I knew that He was going to do it, I just don’t know how.

Today has been hard, I’ve been trying to focus my heart on what  His promises are. I say things like “we are only 6 weeks away and not even half there, God how are you going to do this? I say ” God Im tired. Tired of asking boldly like you have told us to do. Tired of being ridiculed for doing this. Just tired.” Somehow I reach out to Him and all I receive is His peace and gentle release. We are grateful for the support we have been given, so many prayers and people donating…however we know there is alot of you that are reading our blogs and tell us you are excited for us, we need your support. Both prayerfully and financially. We know that He will work in your hearts as He is in ours. Thank you so much for what you have done already.

Psalm 17:7 I will give to the Lord the thanks due to Him, and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.

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