Ain’t nothing special…

      Frequently when people hear about what we are doing I get this response..” Oh wow you guys are amazing, I could never do that, or wow what a leap of faith. Truth be known…we know its a big thing, we know it sounds crazy and insane, however you want to know what else we know? WE ARE NOT ANYTHING SPECIAL. He’s called you to things for His glory. You either did it or didn’t. It’s that simple. All we are is crazy enough to actually do it. We don’t have amazing faith, we don’t sit around at night and sings psalms over our children. We are normal screwed up people…just like you. What is SO awesome about the God we serve is He ALWAYS uses the mundane, ridiculously normal and makes it EXTRA-ORDINARY!

     We want you to know how humbling it is to be used, how humbling it is for people to be praying and giving their own cash to the mission of changing lives for Jesus across the world! We thank God everyday for people who have been giving and praying to this. Please know there is something He is asking you to do for him right now…He never looks at you and says ” ok you’re’ve done enough”. Be courageous enough to first ask Him what he wants..and secondaly DO IT! Its incredible what He can do with selfish, normal, sinful people like us isn’t it?