No really… ONE suitcase?

  I decided I wanted to blog about a very serious matter. One that I cannot believe I must fulfill…I must tell you. I can only bring ONE suitcase. Yup. mm-hmm. ONE for six months! I can fit my shoes into one suitcase without batting an eye! I think I have a great idea though. Put Samm’s five outfits with one of the boys stuff and then I can get his know for my shoes. I cannot believe that I won’t have an entire closet to look at and say I have nothing to wear. Or to have changed 32 times only to be back in my super duper comfy sweats. I have No idea what this weather will be, what kind of shoes I need. Are there thrift stores in New Zealand? If not..I am not going. KIdding!! Kind of. Man the things I do for God. That’s all for now, you wanted to know whats on my mind well there it is.

Anyone  wanna get me a GIANT suitcase?