There should ALWAYS be a cost.

2 Samuel 24:24
But the king replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”

I meditated on this verse all weekend. What does it mean to live the christian life…really live it?? Here’s what it means to us right now. We are selling/giving/throwing every single possession we own. There are times in this whole process my human mind wants to cling to a certain thing, and think no I really want to hang on to that. Pretty soon “that” becomes a whole garage full of stuff. It’s amazing how wrapped up in our “stuff” we are. Thru this process we cling to that verse. In the end we want to have done EVERYTHING we possibly could have to make this possible. Then we want to sit back, hang on and see God do all the rest.

We lead a small group and through that we have seen these people’s life change! We have seen things only God could have done. However it’s not something you can’t pour your heart and soul into and expect change…it must cost you something. Day after day we offer our lives up to God, we beg Him to use us and change us, so then we can reach a lost and dying world. Everything we do or don’t do matters to God. EVERYTHING. I want to offer my life so that it has to cost me something, because really what else do you offer the creator of the universe? Lunch? My life is all I have and I don’t even want it, unless He can use it. This ride has been INTENSE. We are getting attacked in every direction, we are clinging to hope. We wait on Him. Even when we question (of course we do) we remind each other daily “let God handle that”. Then there comes in the panic when we are actually knowing 100% we are going..oh crap then what? In the midst we have joy and are becoming so humbled that He is picking us to go change lives all the way in New Zealand.

Here is an update on what we have been doing to prepare.

We got accepted into the Ywam Program, just need to make a down payment.

We got our passports in. Taking three boys to the Government center for an hour and a half was SUPER fun:)

Our house is all but sold! contingent on the buyers financing.

Letters are finished and getting all our address ready.

Purging like crazy!!

Thanks for reading and supporting us. If you feel led to give you can do so right here on our blog!

Thrilled to be serving Him.

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