Celebrating the WINS!

We are celebrating the WINS over here! The Valentines Fundraiser that happened last Friday was a success! We had some generous people and we raised around $700 that goes to buying our tickets! We are just under $2000 towards our tickets! We are praying that we can get round trip tickets from Thailand to Minnesota for $6000. We are seeing some GREAT deals and praying that God will move and we can buy our tickets ASAP. We are now looking to come home end of May or very beginning of June as the boys passports are expired early June and our Visas do as well! Any support that comes in past our monthly expenses will go directly to getting us home and getting us visas!

We want to thank each person who helped with this last fundraiser. We are HONORED that people are jumping on board left and right to help! Thank you to the people that have given to us getting home, it fills our hearts with joy and faith. He sees us and we know He will complete it and get us there. If you would like to donate you can do so right here on our website clicking our DONATE button. Thank you so much for helping in anyway you can.

Ever Grateful, The Platt Familydownload