The cat is finally out of the bag?!

When we close our eyes and think about Thailand, we see a few specific girls’ faces. These girls have haunted our thoughts, dreams, and lives. We are faced with the question…now what? Now that we have seen and heard and, most importantly, felt. Now what? When statistics on a page go from a number to a face with a story, we can’t just do nothing. We have realized that when it comes to bringing justice to the things that break God’s heart, everyone (and when we say everyone, we mean if you have handed the keys of your life to Christ) has a role in bringing justice and hope to mankind! After years of praying, fasting, seeking wise council, and praying some more, we are ready to do our part! We are officially moving to Thailand in August!

After going to Thailand in April and seeing what God was doing through Destiny Rescue and the total transformation that was happening in these girls’ souls, we knew we wanted to be a part of this! When we came home, we sat down and really mulled it over. This time we knew the cost and what it would involve. We don’t take it lightly. After a few more weeks of prayer, we came to this conclusion: if we don’t, who will? We have known for a while He was transplanting our hearts there. We are excited that Destiny Rescue has asked us to come on board and be full-time missionaries with them in a job that will fit perfect! The journey has already been challenging, but it’s also amazing to see how God has already shown up in amazing ways. He has opened up doors that “should” have been shut. We are so humbled and afraid at the same time. We are planning to leave mid-August…yeah, we have just 2.5 months to sell all we own, get all of our funding in place, find a house and transportation in Thailand, get all our visas and passports ready, then prepare to jump with Jesus! Being full-time missionaries means we rely completely and totally on support from the body of Christ. This is no small nuggets for us! We are used to making our own way just like everyone else! This part of our “job” – let us assure you – is not easy. To humble ourselves and trust God – that He will bring it in – goes against the grain! Yet, we are confident that if we walk in faith doing what we can, He will do the rest to provide and pave a way!

So, we are asking that you would get alone with God and ask Him if you are to play a part in this. Either a one-time gift to help us get to Thailand, or a monthly commitment to keep us there! Maybe you have never supported a missionary before. Maybe you haven’t even met one! Either way, we all know that it takes all parts of the body to bring the gospel to all the world! No one job is more or less important – it literally takes us all.

We have been and will continue to ask God to speak to you about if you are to have a role in this! We are asking Him to bless you and deepen your walk with Him. He really is worth it all. Jesus is so incredible in the way He loves mankind. His love is so furious, He calls us to become uncomfortable for the sake of others who have yet to have the veil lifted from their eyes. He allows us to play a part in helping others look at the cross in a completely new way, so that they see true, sacrificial love. He uses us to help others know a God that radically adores them and has a plan for their life, no matter how broken.

We hope and pray that He expands your heart in so many ways. We pray that He shows up in a powerful way in your life, wherever you are needing Him right now. We are overwhelmed and honored to share this journey with you all.

Psalm 33:5 “He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.”

In His grip,
Samm & Angie

2 thoughts on “The cat is finally out of the bag?!

  1. I am praying for u and your family! I praise GOD for you and family and all the people involved in the rescue team! Please let me know what u need financially! I will do what I can and spread the word to my church and others for help also ! May GOD protect you and your family and strengthen you and guide you and all members of the rescue !
    Your sister in the LORD and friend

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