It’s about time for an update!

We are home! I had high hopes to write a new post the week we were home..or the second week, or the third? Yes we have been home for three weeks now! Thailand seems like a lifetime away and yet still so close in our hearts. We had a crazy hard time adjusting to jet leg..even Samm who can sleep upside down! Now we are finally adjusted and can write a few things. We have so much to share. How do you put into a few words how your heart was ripped out of your chest and then partially-mended and put back? We decided we are going to give you cliff notes for now. At dinner time every single night we do High/low as a family. What was our favorites of the day and our not so favorites. So its going to be like that.

The Bad…lets just get this part over.

The country as a whole had a lot of spiritual oppression. They are sweet and kind people but almost nobody knows Jesus. Was strange to be somewhere where we were the minority.
The horror stories. We heard many stories that quite literally made your stomach churn. You simply cannot believe all the western white men walking around with young Thai girls and know the horror that will happen every single night. Ugh.
Some of the girls who we saw that were newly rescued were void of hope and light in their eyes. It was a blank stare.
In the red light districts we went to it was all in your face. Scantily dressed young girls that are drunk or high that are forced to “play the part” with a smile. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.
The begging rings. They too are usually forced as slaves to sit out on streets and beg for money. A lot of children, Older women with small babies that are drugged so they will stay asleep lifelessly in their laps. Its all so hidden and underground you have no idea as a tourist this is a begging ring.
The country of Burma has been under military oppression for a long time and only recently has been open to tourists. When you walk the streets its so apparent these people have been under this, they never smile and they have a very somber feel. It was a night and day difference from Thailand. Thais culture “keep face” no matter what the cost.

The Good! There was so so much good. Much more light within Destiny Rescue than we could have ever anticipated!
Girls are literally being rescued and restored and FULL OF HOPE!
Girls are learning about Jesus and accepting Him as their Savior! It was Awesome!
They are learning new skills to be used later on in life.
Since most of the girls are from villages Thailand will not recognize them as a citizen. They have no right to work and no papers. Destiny Rescue has an agreement with the Thai government to let the girls have citizenship so they may get jobs and not have to go back to the brothels.
All of the volunteers are AMAZING! They have given up everything and moved across the world to offer the hope of Jesus Christ to another. It was inspiring.
Watching the girls work at the cafe and the salon, seeing how they are gaining confidence in who they are and that they have worth was so special.

We have so much more to share. We were shocked at what God was doing there. How He uses ordinary people to bring His light all over the world! If you would like to hear much more about our trip please join us at our movie screening! June 13th 6-8 pm at The Crossing Church Zimmerman Campus!! Can’t wait to see how God is going to speak to you all!

A couple random total God moments for us:

On one of the domestic flights from Chaing Mai to Chaing Rai one of our team members sat next to a girl from China. Her name was Zoe, our team member began to share the gospel of Jesus and why we were there. Zoe ended up coming out with us to dinner and the markets hearing all about sex trafficking and what Destiny Rescue was doing. She was very interested and it was cool to see God stirring in her heart. So random!

There was a coffee shop next to the hotel we stayed in the first and the last night of our trip. Samm and I went to this place where a young Thai guy actually owned and operated this shop. We got to talk to him and he asked us many questions on why we would ever come there to do that. So that opened up us sharing the gospel with him. It was so cool, and he was very open to it.

We got to see one of the team members meet the girl their family had been sponsoring! It was so sweet and just a heart warming moment.

We also got to see a team member bless a women that had been rescued many years prior that we met up with to have dinner. She had recently started her own salon, but unfortunately could not afford to be a stylist at her salon as it costs money to go to school. A team member was able to pay for her to go and get her license! The tears were many!

Thank you all again! We cannot wait to share more in the coming weeks! We hope and pray that anyone who reads this would know you have a destiny. You were created to bring light to the darkness. Walk in FAITH where you will see His glory! If you are in the body of Christ then you play a role, an important role. Someones life could be radically changed because you stepped out of the boat!

In His grip,
The Platts