Eli asked a question…


Yesterday my son Eli came up to me and asked me a question, a simple one really that brought forth a lot of emotion for me.

“ Mom are you excited to go to Thailand?”

I thought it over for a moment. How do you tell your eight year old that you are not excited. That you would be but so many other emotions rise to the top first. You are scared, nervous, unsure, angry, anxious, and already sad to look into the eyes of these beautiful children and tell them how much God loves them even though they were trapped in Hell. Then it hit me a little. Were. Trapped in hell. As in they have been rescued thru Destiny Rescue and given hope and a purpose. Although the recovery process is long and hard, they ARE rescued. But still I wasn’t excited.


No Eli I am not excited. I am…nervous. Samm and I shared a glance..hoping that would suffice.

A few thoughts that spoke to me after. I honestly LOVE that Eli has 100% faith that God will provide for us so we can go to Thailand. We don’t have the money yet, and he knows that. Yet his question never reflected an ounce of doubt. I will take double portions of that please! There are days when I believe it 100% and then there are days when I don’t. Faith of a child wasn’t a nice sentiment. It was the basis of our walk with Christ.

Like Friday I thought YES GOD! You got this! A friend asked if he could stop over a few minutes. Samm and I prayed the night before “ God if we are still on the right path, please let someone sow into this tomorrow.” So he stopped by and gave us a check for 250.00! We were so humbled and thankful, not just because He provided but because he answered prayer!!

Lately God has been highlighting all these powerful verses in scripture about helping and defending the poor and needy. The fatherless. The down and out. His heart is so beautiful that they always make the TOP of His list every time. I just love that the people society tends to cast aside or forget about are the very ones Jesus is hanging onto.

Deliver the poor and needy; rescue them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:4

Its never a question IF this is His will, only If we will help in some way.We really wanted to ask you all for prayer this week. Someone said to me last week you guys need to be fully covered in prayer. Now and then.


If you would like pray to here are some specifics:

~Pray He would remain our primary focus. Nothing would turn our head to the left or the right.

~Pray peace in our home, our kids are getting anxious.

~Pray God will heal my tailbone. Most of you know that I (Angie) have had pain for almost three years, Its gotten so bad that I can’t sit for a minute without a lot of pain. I am getting prayed over this week and fully believing He will work a miracle!

~Please pray and JOIN us for our Documentary Nefarious screening at The Crossing Zimmerman campus on April 17 at 7! We are so exited to share with others what first broke our hearts. You will not be the same after you see this movie. Please come!

~Lastly, please pray that people would allow God to stir in their hearts to help support us! We currently have raised $500.00 and still have $2500.00 to raise!

Again you guys, our thanks will not be enough. For prayers, the texts, encouragement. For re-posting and re-tweeting our blog to create an awareness. We love you all!

In His grip,

Samm & Angie

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  1. Thanks again for sharing and keeping us updated! 😘 You guys are axing and wonderful. “It is finished!”

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