His heart breaks.


Statistics are a love/hate relationship for me. On one hand, they portray what is happening in the world. On a larger scale and measure, success and failure. On the other hand, it certainly de-personalizes who is affected by sex trafficking. For instance, I could tell you that in America, there have been 300,000 children ages 6-17 sold into slavery since 2001. You might say, “Wow! That’s so sad.” For the most part, it wouldn’t interrupt your day. However, if I were to tell you the story of a little girl with dark hair and dark eyes from the Twin Cities who, for the past two years, has been raped 20-30 times a day every day by grown men. She’s been beaten daily, fed drugs to make her lethargic, and slept in the back of a semi while being driven across state lines to be sold to a new “market”. Listening to that story, you would feel the heartache, you would feel sick to your stomach. Now let’s say I showed you a picture of this beautiful girl…and you looked closely in utter shock…this is your neighbor’s daughter?! You know her…personally. Then what? Would you know in that moment you had to do something…anything?


For whatever reason, humans only really feel the need to help people that are close to them. In our sphere. It’s something about the ability to relate to others, especially in another country, as if “they” are different. Over time, our hearts become hardened to the injustice of the world. Whether it’s poverty-stricken countries, genocide, slavery, etc. Is that really the gospel? I’m speaking to myself in this also. Not long ago, I asked God to help me live fully alive and awake to His people, whether it’s in the gas station or Cub Foods. I just wanted my heart to break for the things that break His. I was tired of living asleep. Tired of looking the other way. How can we, as Christians, be the “light” in this dark world from our recliner? How do we move from “Oh, that’s so sad” to “I need to help.”? All throughout scripture it was Jesus that was constantly loving on the “least” of these. He was teaching us in that moment: Do the same.


The other day I was looking at our 10-month old beauty, Tessa. She is so precious and, being our baby and our only girl, she has us all wrapped around her finger. In that moment, God spoke to my heart, “What if it was her? What wouldn’t you do to get her back home?”


Nothing GOD! There is nothing I wouldn’t do. All of my time, resources, energy, prayer would be spent in getting her back. Even if it meant prison.


Just being real. In that moment I was so convicted, I wept.


Then He said, “Angie, they are all my children, and I love them more than you love Tessa. I want my people to do whatever it takes to get them…home.”


Guys, I know it’s overwhelming and so uncomfortable to even talk about. It’s hard to imagine all these lives that have been sold like a piece of merchandise into the hands of ugly. There are many nights when I lay awake crying out to God to awaken us, to help me be strong when I feel so weak. I struggle with it, too. God always uses our brokenness to bring Him the most glory. He often allows us to go through hard stuff to become the platform we are passionate about to help others. Samm and I both are allowing Him to use our brokenness and even publicly hoping that it will ultimately bring Him glory. The good news is, light always overcomes the darkness. Darkness has to flee…but we must go to the darkness first.


We leave in exactly 29 days. We recently found out that Destiny Rescue would like us to be paid by two weeks before we go. Which is in two weeks. We have raised $200 so far. My math isn’t great, but that means that we need to raise $205 per day! God is so so good and He stirs the hearts of man. We are just believing in faith He will. We cannot do this without your help. I know we think sometimes “someone else” will donate, or pray or re-post. It’s simply not the truth. It’s exciting to see the body of Christ come alongside you. We are anxious to see the hand of God working!

” He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the Lord

Jeremiah 22:16


Isn’t Jesus magnificent!?

Much Love, Platts

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