He just keeps surprising us!

Hey all!

       We are excited to share with you all that He has been doing in our hearts and lives this week. There is NO doubt He wants us to go and help change the hearts of families in New Zealand. We are so excited and humbled He is using us to do this.

First Samm and I have been reading and praying every single night before we go to bed and in that time we have grown a lot already. Samm was praying and I heard God say to my spirit, ” Act as though you already have all the money in the bank”. puzzled I thought “well we would be getting airline tickets and Passports and luggage and…”  I heard ” No you need to be preparing your heart and mind for this…do NOT wait until you have the money, it will be too late to prepare yourself. Do it now.” I was SO convicted of this. Samm and I both said that we would be acting as though the money was already there…becasue to God it is.

 Second. Our house is still for sale. We have had confidence that it would sell before we were to go. A good friend called me yesterday and said she has only ever heard God one other time and that was to go to church..(pretty good advise if you ask me) and she clearly heard God say they were supposed to buy our house!!! What!? Wow God you really are working out the details. So I ask all of you to pray for all the details to work out in His timing. We already have felt all of your prayers and has brought us great peace. So thank you. Please search your hearts and see what you should give to this…it takes a lot of money to do His work that is just a fact.

Some of our good friends will be hosting a fundraiser. YOU do NOT want to miss this!! It’s going to be awesome! Please pray all the details would be working out with that too. Pray that we have favor in this arena. More details will be coming.

In His grip,

Samm & Angie