An Angel in the form of a teenager??

So a few weeks ago Samm and I were talking about how awesome it would be to have someone help us at the airport with all the luggage and kids. Then to have another hand to help us on the plane ride. We thought through a couple of names out there and no one was really a good fit. Besides who the heck would want to ride on a plane for 20 hours then literally turn around and fly 20 MORE hours? Not to mention for like $2000!? Hehe God is so good.

So we got an email this week from a family that we really admire. They used to go to our church then moved away so we don’t get to see them often. The mom wrote me a super nice email offering her almost seventeen year old daughter up for our nanny while we are in New Zealand!!!!! She would raise her own support and be another set of eyes and hands. I was having a particularly hard day that day until that moment when I cried my eyes out in complete disbelief! Here are the two things that came to mind.

1. Who are we that HE is mindful of us? I mean really He knows my stress about that darn plane ride…everyone does! He also knows I’m stressed about being in school and leaving my kids for six hours a day with total strangers, I have never really left them. Let a lone in a foreign country! I was SO thrilled because my boys already know her!

2. We didn’t even have to pray about this.  He already knew what we wanted. He knew the solution. “Your Father who knows what you need before you ask” (Matthew 6:8) He knew what you would need before you knew you needed it.  Not just in terms of rent money, an encouraging word or an important relationship, but also with regards to your eternal life.  While you were still a sinner, stuck in dozens or even hundreds of sins and even before you were born, Jesus came to the earth and paid the full price for your redemption.  He was not disinterested or passive, He is not like that.  He knew what He wanted and what we needed, so He did everything before hand because we could not have done anything for ourselves.

So we now have ourselves a teenager in the form of an angel who by the way has MANY siblings so she has a lot of experience with this sort of thing!

Our hearts are just SO excited for what He is doing. He IS alive and MOVING in the hearts of His people.

Thanks for reading! Samm and Angie

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