As a kid one of my favorite games to play was Hide’n seek. I grew up around a lot of kids and I really enjoyed finding the ultimate space, holding my breath and waiting for them to find me. The problem became when they actually couldn’t find me!  When you are waiting and waiting and no one comes, just to find out that they had ditched you and were on to the next thing.

As I was meditating on some things last week, it came to me that all we really want in this world is to be seen. To be known and still intimately loved and accepted. Everything we do both healthy and unhealthy comes out of this deep desire to be seen. The problem is like me as a kid we are really really  good at hiding. Hiding from God and hiding from others! We hide under addictions, fame, wealth, knowledge even our “Faith”.

I simply love the first question God asks of mankind is “where are you”? Now..when the creator of the world asks you a question its not because He doesn’t know the answer. He was asking Adam, just like He is asking us…and it’s one we must answer if we want to be fully restored to Him. The question was the beginning of God pursuing man. Redemption is always about God pursuing us; not the other way around. When we open ourselves up to God and others and become transparent is when we become seen fully. Regardless of the cost- the judging looks and awkward sighs when we share our “junk” our struggles or sin is when it happens.

Recently I have shared some of my “junk” with a few close friends..friends that say they look up to me and that I inspire them. So you can imagine how hard it was to share. I had to choose to be transparent and fully seen. Fully seen for all of who I am, not just the “good” parts. The most beautiful thing is that I know that’s why God has been restoring me deeper in this season. The other amazing thing is they got the courage to share with me some of their “junk” and begin the process of walking it out. God uses all our junk, I know we hear that all the time but its solid truth. Walking this way and living  it as a lifestyle of seeing others and being seen is filled with freedom to become who we really are, when we come out of hiding is when we become fully restored.

And all your so called “junk”?

Grace is Heavens love language and we all need it and none of us deserve it…but He is THAT good.




Hide n Seek…

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  1. Great blog or whatever you call this, Angie! You are a good writer and good at being real! Keep it up!

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