Have you Heard?!

Have you heard?!

We are thrilled. To say the least! We raised enough money to bring us back to the states! It was such an awesome experience to see God do it thru several people who believe in this cause, this mission, these kids. We arrive in the states May 25th!! We raised just enough to get a round trip, so we are praying that God will bring in the rest!! We still need to pay for school for all three boys for a year, passports and just the extra traveling expenses. Our monthly budget unfortunately has dropped significantly due to people not being able to support us because of circumstances in their lives, so every dollar that comes to us we are thankful for! In fact every time we get a notification that someone has donated I run to tell Sam and we both say aloud” Thank you JESUS”! We are well aware every day that we cannot be here without supporters like you that are willing to stand and say ” Yes I will do something!”  SO THANK YOU! Thank you for doing your part as we do ours.

5 weeks and we will see you all soon! We have some tasty fundraisers coming up so stay tuned!

If you would like to donate to our family you can do so right here on our blog by clicking the donate button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ever Grateful,

Love the Platts