Changes are happening…and quick!

Short N Sweet Update:
Many of you know that last week we had the money to purchase tickets and that’s what we were planning on doing, even had a flight held. Then we prayed about it over the weekend and found out we actually really need to apply for our Visas first and get them expedited before we purchase our tickets! Many of you know that in May the military took over their government and things have become increasingly harder and more loops people are going thru. So we had to use part of the ticket money and apply for our visas and gather up all the nessacary documents and it was sent out! WHEW! We should know something in a week or so. As dates get closer we are praying that God prepares our hearts and minds. It’s a lot to think about! Will you gather around us and pray for these specific things? If you feel led to give please do so right here on our blog…He has confirmed a million times that we need to trust Him and he is working. He is a good God that we can trust…for all of our needs!!

We need around $2500 more to get plane tickets, we have  prices have jumped up and we are praying that they will go back down and we can get our tickets!

After we get our tickets we need to raise $9,000 dollars to GO. Again covering a car to buy, things that we will need to move into a house. Basics like mattress’ and dishes and a dresser. Work permits.Etc. It sounds like a lot to raise in a short time, I know. We keep thinking of what He did only hours before we boarded a flight to NZ! Almost 10,000 in less than an hour! That is Jehovah Jirah!

So…I like easy numbers..90 people give 100.00 and its done! We know the sacrifice of giving when you have bills to pay, I guess that’s why its been so amazing to talk to so many and listen to them sharing their faith story how they are choosing to trust Him in this. We know He is able.

We are 70% funded monthly!! Everyone says this is extremely rare that we are that far along already without plane tickets! PRAISE GOD! It’s rare because the people who are partnering with us are RARE! Generous folks! Please pray that God brings in the rest and that others will be blessed by sowing into this…again there aren’t words to describe our hearts.

In this whole thing pray He is glorified, others began to trust Him in a real way for their own needs, that our kids will benefit in ways we could never say! Destiny Rescue, Rescued NINE girls this week! Nine girls who will began to heal from the torture they endured, the shame and darkness. These girls get a chance at life, a chance we all take for granted every day. Hearing their stories and names keeps us propelled in the right direction, It motivates us to do the “asking” for the funds. No one ever likes asking for help. We are part of that “no one”, but if we don’t then the bad guys win. I really am Not ok with that.

Thank you to everyone who is messaging us and encouraging us along the way. It’s not been easy nothing hard ever is, He holds us as he walks us down the path. Thank you for your prayers!

Holding onto Him…
Samm & Angie