Our Fun day!!

This last weekend we went to the blue river where a company bottles water. It was like nothing we have ever seen. These rolling mountains with this amazing river running all along side of it. We went with another family and the boys had a great time and it was a three-hour trek but well worth it. These pictures hardly capture it.

This week we are learning on how to study Gods word and I’m sure later I will blog about that. What I really wanted to say was its just amazing to me how God knows us. He sees us our entire life and is always there. Today during intersection a lady from South Korea who can barely speak english had a word from the Lord for me and it took me back when I was eight and a very traumatic experience that I had blocked out of my mind mostly and she said that He was there and He was with me in that moment. I cannot explain the rush of emotions that I felt because I obviously have never shared this with her and she didn’t even know exactly what she was speaking she had only seen this vision. God desperately wants each of us to have this relationship with Him. Do you know what I think? We also want that with Him. We may not know it. We may never even admit it. However we all as humans will worship something, someone. Be it drugs, sex, money, our people we love, etc. He has created us to worship…Him. Thats all as I’m still processing this all.

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