Finally Here!!

Most of you know that we are here! Most of you do not know the awesome God who showed up and showed off last Wednesday night…so to rewind shall we?

Wed morning I got a call saying that The Crossing would match any gifts given on that day. We then had a Community of leaders meeting which in general was amazing! At the end our pastor prayed for us and asked the people to donate to us and that The Crossing would match it. So there was a lot of tears and people coming up to us saying goodbye and how we have inspired them to live by faith. Then Pastor Kelly came up to me and said “look at this, this is just the people donating to you guys” I Looked at the number and then looked again and then took it out of her hand…I could NOT believe my eyes. We had told Kelly and Eric we needed around 9000 more. Our actual number that I knew we needed but didnt even tell them was $9,471.00 That Number she showed me…$9471.44!!!! I know. He is SOOO dang faithful. We are still how many days later in shock about this all. We are stunned by the people of the Crossing’s generosity and obedience. I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that He wanted to show us He’s had this all from the beginning. We are still so shocked we cannot even start to be shocked that we are in New Zealand!! Thank you will not ever be enough… We received almost 12,000 dollars total!! He is so good there is nothing else to say.

We had a very long trip. All in all its been good though. Aubrey  has been a huge help thru the airports. Our 12 hour layover in LA was actually very good as we rented a room to sleep in for a few hours and that helped a lot. Our stopover in Arizona was interesting. We ate lunch and they said we had an hour. Well we didn’t really know an hour till we left not when we boarded…yeah our plane was to leave at 1015 and we asked to get on at 10:14!! They at first told us no..yeah you all know I wasnt taking that for answer.. They let us on and had already given our seats and we had to switch around. It was panic time for sure but God’s timing is perfect. The boys did well considering they were tired and hungry and lost. We got here last night at 7pm Nz time and we were dead tired. Today went great. It’s a weird thing, I feel so at peace here like I’ve been here before. Not like it’s a strange new place.  Ok its getting late…thank you for prayers. Please pray that the boys adjust to their school well this week. Pray that we make a difference in the lives of others.

G’night Mate

Angie & Samm