Just a normal family.

Lounge Kitchen bedroom

I was showing the boys where we will stay and what our new home will look like. Its small and quaint and well apparently not fitting for Eli…

Me-See that big bed is where you two will sleep.

Eli- Looking at it less than impressed. “um mom where is max gonna sleep?”

Me- You guys get to share a bed! (trying to excite him)

Eli- “doubtful” LOL

Max pipes in ” ‘that’s right Eli you get the floor”

I’m dying with laughter and it occurred to me at their short life they have already been a little spoiled. No there isn’t anything wrong with all three kids to have their own rooms. Necessary? Probably not. Not wrong though, it’s just funny how at even five and four we have this sense of entitlement. Trust me so do I! Listen, between you and me sometimes I wonder if God has cracked up…we are not the “typical” missionary family. I like big houses and name brands and lavish dinners…the list goes on! In fact I hesitate to say “missionary’s” when telling people what we are doing. God is working on my heart. I pray and ask Him what is after this…He doesn’t answer. I do know that my whole life I haven’t shut up telling people about this great God who adores us. I also know I desire to know the father in a real more intimate way. If He says this is how I do it…well who am I to argue?

By the way, pray that my one of my boys doesn’t hog tie the other while “sharing” their bed. Thanks.